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Skyfire Browser App coming to the iPhone Thursday

Good news for iPhone users who have been forced to live without Flash based video content on iPhone’s Internet Browser Safari. Steve Jobs who says “that Flash performs poorly on mobile devices and sucks up battery life.” might be right but according to Adobe, 75% of all online video is encoded in Flash. Maybe it is because of the huge amount of video content that iPhone fans are missing that has forced Apple to loosen a few constraints and approve a very clever work around that will allow iPhone users to view Flash based video content. The workaround comes from a very familiar Windows Mobile Mobile Browser Savior, Skyfire. Skyfire, easily my favorite WinMo Mobile Browser and has been for quite some time, takes video that is Flash based and renders the content on the remote Skyfire Servers and then translates them into HTML5 friendly format that the iPhone is intended to use. So the iPhone will remain an exclusive HTML5 Video Format device, remaining compliant with Apple’s wishes. What iPhone users will see when running the Skyfire App and come across Flash based video is the same embedded unsupported video blue error message, but a thumbnail on top of that then can be clicked and display the video content in HTML5.

There a few downsides to the Skyfire Browser and one being Hulu, the popular website that hosts TV Shows and Movies will not work. Hulu has their own “Business Model” according to Jeff Glueck, Skyfire’s CEO. Hulu charges $10.00 a month to view their video content. The second downside is that to finally view Flash Based Video content on Skyfire’s iPhone App will cost you 3 bucks. ($2.99 at the App Store)

So make sure you check out the app store on Thursday and grab your copy of the Skyfire Mobile Browser App for the iPhone.

[read] via BGR