Wait what? This thing just launched like 45 minutes ago. Anyway, don’t blame Microsoft for this – they didn’t close on the deal yet. This is just Skype with a little premature appification.


  1. You gotta be kidding me. I just went out to buy an ipad just to test out Skype to get an idea of what it might be like one day on WinPho and two minutes after I get home they pull it? Are you joking my ass apple? your autocorrect sucks btw took me ieght minutes to composure this

  2. @Doug Simmons: Good news is that it’s back in the market. Bad news is your autocorrect still sucks. I was doubting that you got an iPad but those little pictures under your name are backing you up. I feel dirty for you…

  3. Yeah well, what can I tell you, that store, which is really more of a nightclub that sells expensive stuff, knows how to get me to contribute to the GDP.

  4. Wait, if I post a comment. The icons at the bottom will indicate what I’m using?
    How rad!

  5. I know, sounds nuts, right? Way out of left field?… Well I’m glad you all appear to be enjoying this software identification thing which I set up.

    If you’ll excuse me I’m trying to reunite myself with my Nexus One. Gotta say it’s remarkable, the hijinks and capers one can pull with Android.

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