There have been repeated iPhone 5 rumors that we were going to see more metal and less glass in the iPhone 5 (and yes, to be fair that’s the same rumor we heard with the iPhone 4S). There’s been an increase in noise though and new rumors about what that metal would be – Liquidmetal. Liquidmetal is an alloy of metals with a specific production method that results in a metallic substance that’s better than traditional metals in all respects. it’s 3 times stronger and more dent resistant than metal allows yet still lightweight. So it’s light, strong and hard and Apple has an exclusive to use it. In the past they’ve only used it in small components and the rumors are that they are seeing how well they can manufacturer Liquidmetal in quantities and this is all shaping up for the iPhone 5. Of course, the one issue with going to heavy on the metal is what it does to internal antennaes and we all know that Apple doesn’t need another issue with antennaes.

So now we have to listen to rumors about it until June and if this is in the next iPhone then move over Retina Display because your day as top catchphrase is gone – Liquidmetal will be the new buzzworthy super awesome revolutionary thing that Apple ‘invented’

Here’s a video of Liquidmetal by the way- definitely impressive:


  1. Wait. Wasn’t that guy in the Terminator II made out of liquid metal. Now we know what Apple is responsible for. The end of life as we know it. Go get your guns Arnold and end this already, before it’s too late.

  2. hahaha! Cyberdyne: a division of Apple. That’s how the Terminator tech started- in the race to clone ol’ Steve!

  3. I hope it doesn’t do the same thing to the radio signals.
    That would be very irritating.
    Think about the echo in your ear piece if you ever got one.

    Time will tell.

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