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Follow the Money: Microsoft vs Apple vs Google

Ed Bott from ZDNet put together pie charts that show where each Microsoft, Apple and Google make their money based on their latest filings. This is amazing stuff:




So Microsoft actually has a somewhat balance offering with business, server, Windows and Entertainment each taking large chunks of the company. Apple is iPhone and iPad at their heart – not bad considering how crazy their sales have been. And then there’s Google – 96% of their revenue comes from ads.

Cue the Gmail Man:


But really this does go to the heart of how these companies operate. Microsoft tries to be everywhere at once and may finally in 2012 have a core experience across them all (to be seen). Apple has had a ton of success selling two products but they sell the crap out of them and that’s now allowing them to get into more and more markets. And then there’s Google who wants your info and is giving away all of their services to get to your valuable data. Buyer beware…especially when the sales price is $0.