I just got back from my local small town Best Buy and all they got in was a very limited amount of 16GB Black iPhone 4S. They did not receive any White, 32GB, or 64GB versions. This left a few disgruntled people this morning as you can well image. Listening to the staff, they were saying the second wave of iPhones from Apple were not due to hit until the end of the month, October 31st.

While I got there early, there was no real need as most of the preorder folks and walk ups got there at 7:50am. The corporate AT&T Store was very busy as well as the franchise AT&T stores we have. There has also been a lot of reports of Sprint stores loaded with first time iPhone buyers. They obviously taking advantage of the unlimited data plans that Sprint obviously has at least for now. I am still grandfathered in on the unlimited AT&T plan and intend on keeping it until they pry it loose from my cold fingers after they kill me, or put the breaks on my data by throttling it.

Did you get the iPhone 4S today? Drop a comment about your experience.


  1. I will never purchase from Best Buy again. I pre-ordered at 12pm on the 7th. Today I went to pick it up and they said it hadn’t arrived yet. They would contact me when it did arrive. I called just now at 4pm, and they said that they did not receive enough phones. They only receive 10 of each type of phone, and they don’t know when they will get the next shipment. So I’m now waiting indefinitely. If you want any kind of Apple device, buy it directly from Apple. These other suppliers are worthless. I won’t buy from Best Buy ever again if they can’t deliver when you pre-order.

  2. Also ordered from Best Buy in Houston, TX and when I called to check on my pre-ordered phone, I was told they didn’t receive the shipment of Sprint phones. I actually lost my phone and have been without one for almost two weeks. I’m very disappointed.

  3. I too ordered a 64 GB iPhone 4S for AT&T and they said they didn’t get any in CT. What’s the point of pre-ordering the device if you aren’t going to get it. Extremely disappointed. I only purchased from Best Buy to get my reward zone points. Never again will I pre-order a phone from them.

  4. Its not BestBuys fault you didn’t get your phone on time, you can thank Apple for not producing enough product to fill all the customers orders. You make it sound like its BestBuys fault… funny thing is you were told its not a guarantee you will get your phone on release date, you were guaranteed a phone with your pre-order when we get them in stock.

  5. Another thing, didn’t you learn ANYTHING from ANY Apple release??! This is how it will be for ANY item… better get used to it. Remember the iPad?

  6. Apple is to blame here. Best Buy orders directly from apple. If you walked in the store on the 7th of October and are still waiting on your phone, it is because Apply put the bulk of their phones in the Apple Stores. Then a tier down they gave ATT, Verizon, Sprint stores the next piece of the pie, then they gave the scraps to Retail stores like Best Buy. If you ordered the Iphone 4S online from Best Buy (Which I thought you couldn’t) Then they would probably ship it to a distribution center (Such as the Texas one) And then ship it to you or whatever store you preferred. Best Buy is looking like the villian here, but Apple controls who gets what.

    I personally think that Apple should have many many more million phones on release day and have it already released to the thousands of stores well before the release date so that every single store in the entire country can meet the demand. They should know by now what kind of demand to anticipate and should be able to plan accordingly. Maybe they need to open up a few more factories. Heck with this many million people out of work, there’s a jobs program for you.

  7. @Chris: So it’s Apples fault that they sold the most popular electronic device ever sold and didn’t make millions more available than they did at launch? I wouldn’t say it’s really a ‘fault’ as much as it is awesome for Apple.

    BTW, I ordered mine directly from Apple this year, BestBuy last year, And I think I’ll try AT&T next year. So far though, Apple.com has to be the smoothest of them all even though their servers were completely hammered.

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