The Windows Pone apps just keep coming and they’re getting better each day. But let’s get to the videos. First up let’s do a really well put together tip calculator called ezytip but it’s not only very functional, it’s very easy to use and easy on the eye. Just watching it in action shows how well put together this is. This will be available in Marketplace at launch. By the way, this is currently available for Windows Mobile if you like it for just $2.

Another picture editor has entered the ring and again it’s big. It’s called Thumba and there are a lot of ways to edit the photos and optimize them (even a button that turns it into a 3D image if you have those crazy glasses). I don’t have the stats on how many tools are at your fingers but just looking at the options in the screenshots shows that this is a serious photo app for both adjustments and editing. I do like the layout and simplicity of it and I think it can take on Paint.Net on my PC…just take a look

iPhone users love it, so I guess Windows Phone needs it too: Where is My Car? Yeah, I always thought you’d use Bing and just note it using GPS but people who use the iPhone have convinced me that this is the app to get so I’m sure a lot of people are happy to see it come to WP7. And fine, it does do a lot more than just snapping a GPS location (like take  photo, note the spot, make a voice entry and even set a timer to remind you to feed the meter).

And finally, from 1800PocketPC we have Handyscan. It’s an app that lets you take multiple pictures and turn them into a continuous roll or turn them into a pdf. it also straightens and crops the pages so they look more like a real scan and less like a photo. This will be available at launch.


  1. Hey…but I don’t see Musiz!
    Musiz helps you find artists whose style is most similar to music you like. You can search by artist or band name, or let Musiz choose, based on the song playing on your phone. Try it!

    Go to Musiz website or visit the marketplace!
    For the moment Musiz it’s free!

  2. hi there, take a look at Postcard Maker on WP7, nice to create Ecard from photo and a great features, you can record audio message and attach it with your Ecard or even post i on facebook. a video:

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