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Imagewind Available For Windows Phones

If you don’t know, Imagewind is a website (that’s Silverlight based) that gives you real time images of what images are being posted on Twitter. Well there’s now an Imagewind app for Windows Phones and it’s free. I was fortunate enough to beta test it out and in its final iteration it’s really a great port of the site. You’re greeted to 15 tiles that progressing flip to reveal new images. The tiles are very much inline with the metro theme of Windows Phones so it looks great. By tapping on any tile you’re greeted to a full screen image with the details of the image. From there you can retweet it, email it, save it, share it on Facebook or make it a favorite.It looks and runs great. It’s the kind of app that you can just let stream while waiting in line and get a sense as to what’s going on out there or just see a few funny photos. I tend to leave it on my desk while I’m at my computer and glance over at it periodically. It’s just great to glance it here and there to break the monotony of whatever else you’re doing.

And if you were wondering, no there’s no image filtering so it may have adult images. You should be warned that goes both ways…

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Anyway, it’s free and you can grab it now. And if you happen tap a few ads to thank the developer it won’t kill you. Or you can thank the developer by trying some of his other titles. it’s Smarty Pants Coding and their other apps are:

  • Blackjack Metro
  • Fortune Cookie Teller
  • Hungry Castaway
  • Magic Black Ball
  • Matchingo
  • Wrap It Up Box

Go check them out. Roger Peters is a Microsoft MVP Silverlight Developer so you can expect solid apps across the board.