I’ve been looking for this since the day this phone came out.  I’m growing impatient.  After I saw news of an Otterbox for the most bad ass hardware spec’d phone that WP software has seen Here, I was a little more than disappointed.  I was somewhat pissed off.  I haven’t seen a single worthy accessory accept the actual HTC snap-on case I use from time to time.  I tried the one from Best Buy Mobile and the first one I pulled out of the box just did not fit well and didn’t even make it to the transaction.  Best Buy has yet to pick up any thing else in the way of the Surround.  My favorite thing for my Fuze was my bedside docking station for it.  I’ve got a kickstand but it’s difficult to keep it plugged in and sitting up right.  I mentioned the lack of accessories maybe a problem when adopting a new platform, but what the hell?  I guess I’m somewhat confused about the complexity of a docking station.  I see a USB port sticking out of a piece of plastic at a 70-80 degrees with a small piece of plastic.  Instead, I’ll take 90 degrees.  I just stumbled across this little thing but the company doesn’t appear to be interested in making one for just me.  All you Surround owners want to get down on a group buy?  I doubt we could get 500, but the point is it’s coming.  I’m still on the prowl for some good buys though.  Let me know if any of you have seen anything in the way of non-universal dash mounts (I’m looking for something specific to the Surround) or docks. If you’ve seen any nice cases, other than the HTC, I’d be interested in hearing how the experience went down.

On a bigger more important note, do you think a lack of accessories is something that may hurt WP7 in the next year?  As owners lose that shiny-new-shit mentality, also known as the honeymoon phase, they’re going to want to accessorize their tired old handset.  Changing tile colors can only work for so long.  Will this change a lot of consumers’ minds at the register?


  1. I sent a note to Otterbox a few weeks ago asking if they were going to be offering a case for the surround and they replied that at the time they had no plans to design one. I’m using the HTC hardcase because it’s all I could find.

  2. the other day I recieved this email.

    Dear Customer,

    The ProClip Device Holders for the HTC Surround are now in stock and available for online ordering at http://www.proclipusa.com:

    Item #511214 – Holder with Tilt Swivel
    Item #512214 – Holder with Tilt Swivel and Cigarette Lighter Charger
    Item #513214 – Holder with Tilt Swivel and Straight Cable for Fixed Install

    Follow this link to see all the holders in one list view.

    Thank you for your interest in our products and have a terrific day!

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,

    ProClip USA Customer Service

    Toll free: +1 800-296-3212

    Email: customerservice@proclipusa.com

    Web: http://www.proclipusa.com

  3. Why not buy the 500 and put them on Ebay and sell them on Mobility Digest as well!! Find someone to make up some nice stickers, or even when you order them they might be able to put the MDigest logo on them for a few cents each…

  4. Seidio was non committal when I asked about and extended battery and charger insert for the Surround. Regarding docks, I still don’t understand why manufacturers can’t put the charging port bottom center and then do whatever with the rest of the phone. With interchangeable inserts there would be more possibilities for accessory manufacturers. BTW, I am in for a dock if you can convince them.

  5. The biggest hw mistake ms made was not standardizing on the USB port and its placement. A single config would have allowed for a universal dock – ala ipod / ipad.


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