Bigger is always better and when it includes a QWERTY Keyboard it is sure to please. That is what Sony Ericsson is betting with their Smart Phone Tablet Hybrid coming soon. This 5.5 inch display will have a hinged slide out keyboard and will be running Android 2.1. SE doesn’t appear to concerned with Android 2.2 yet either. Even though this will have phone capabilities, I don’t look for this device to fit in any pocket like the Dell Streak. Sit back and relax and we’ll keep you posted with any new developments from Sony Ericsson.




  1. I’ll believe it when I see it. By the time this behemoth is released, HTC will have the HD4 and we will have the iPhone HD2/4G2. It’s a shame really. Sony Ericsson used to be my favorite cell phone company with awesome features such as controlling a RC car with bluetooth, Walkman, video recording and swappable memory (although memory stick sucks)

  2. I had a sony before smartphones were the shit. Never looked back after my blackjack. Played with an experia but just too pricey. They’ve been trying to huck this form factor for years though. The only people that buy them are usually heavy travellers(businessmen, some Armed Forces, etc.) It’s basically an Android netbook more than a competitor in the MID/Tablet market.

  3. sony definately makes a nice product but its kind of along the lines with what apple did with the iphone. (minus the heavy advertising and ridiculous terms and conditions) what i mean is its all proprietary, the charger, memory, software, sony would be so much more popular if they would just use micro sd and usb. why go against the grain? sony does make a sick product though (at least there high end, the low end stuff sucks IE: w300a) and they always spec out well.

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