So it looks like Spb has been busy updating their software and it seems some special attention was given to HTC’s Touch HD with this latest update. It has been about 1 year since Spb Diary has seen an update so enjoy this one. Here is what you can expect:

Version 2.6 (March 02, 2009):

  • Problem with drop-down menus on HTC Touch HD fixed
  • Problem with cut off icons selection in the "Options" applet on HTC Touch HD fixed
  • Problem with a contact’s phones drop-down on HTC Touch HD fixed
  • Problem with disappearing upper toolbar on some devices (HTC Touch HD , Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch Pro, HTC Mogul) fixed
  • "Shifted birthdays/anniversaries" problem if selected period in the Calendar tab overlaps 1 Jan fixed
  • Improved 320×320 screen resolution support (Palm Treo Pro, Samsung Saga)
  • Improved 240×400 screen resolution support (Samsung Omnia)
  • Tasks’ "Private" status is now considered as "Confidential"
  • If integrated with Spb Pocket Plus, Spb Diary now behaves the same way as if integrated with Spb Mobile Shell
  • On WM6.1 devices with the "threaded SMS" feature enabled the "Reply" and "Forward" actions aren’t available in the message preview
    Get your Spb Diary update HERE
    On a side note, Spb Weather has received a small update and can found HERE