Looks like SPB dropped this one on us Friday but forgot to let the “press” know about it which they are generally really good at. Anyway, SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 gets an update and goes to a version 3.5.4. Here is the update release notes:

Version 3.5.4 (May 14, 2010):

  • Changes in the Internet search widget
  • Fixed a couple of issues around logging into Facebook and Twitter
  • Backlight support for new devices
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

Doesn’t look like a few people in the forums are happy about the Internet Search Engine Widget getting changed from Google to Bing, but I have sort of warmed up to the new version of Bing. Nothing else has been disclosed about the optimizations but it looks like the SPB Forum Team indicate that they are subtle and not directly for Windows Mobile. In any case, it also appears that Twitter is also not fixed but that is something that has been on the burner for a while now.

Head on over to the SPB Forums for more information or download it HERE. We will keep you posted if there is any further information released by SPB.



  1. I hate the fact that such a fantastic product (SPB Mobile Shell) is in the hands of such a PR retarded company. Unless they are specifically saying they’ve addressed the battery drain issues then I’m waiting until this long awaited and supposedly revolutionary Shell 5.0 they were making seem like the best thing in the world that looked like the same UI with support for more operating systems like Android and Symbian. I always hate the waiting game these companies pull. I feel like I’m in the same boat for this, the First Else phone by Emblaze, and a game called Project Offset I’ve been watching develop for five years. Let’s hope this is all worth the wait.

  2. Got the update, still no fix for the Netflix and Skyfire widget. I get a big blank placeholder. Nice one SPB, waited since December for this fix and still nothing. I do feel it runs faster and smoother however. It still gets the praise it deserves but they have to reconsider the $30 price tag. Please bring it down to $20 and partner with Samsung so it can cover the ugliness that is TouchWiz.

  3. Works great for Touch Pro 2! Except, it defaults to 3D Acceleration off.Have to turn it on after iitasllatnon. And then after you turn that on, you have to turn on the Use G-Sensor when looking at the carousel.And then you need to add shortcuts for the camera and vid camera, it was kinda hard to find. Look for Multimedia, and the shortcuts are in there.

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