I gave up on stocks a while ago (got burned way too many times) but if you’re into the markets then having 6 stocks on a tile (for quick glance and go capabilities) is probably pretty ideal. And that’s what StockAlert Live! offers. Remember, the way that WP7 pushes updates to live tiles they won’t be real time quotes – they’ll likely update every few minutes though so this is not for professional trading purposes but if you’re generally watching stock movements it’s still pretty good.

StockAlert Live! lets you quickly and easily track your stock quotes. Up to 6 stock details can be displayed on a live tile. In addition, you can see news updates about tracked companies, and receive live tile notifications whenever a company that you track files with SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange commissions).

There’s a free trial or you can buy it for $.99.


  1. We’re the authors and we really like our application!
    Most unique feature is that you get notified when there is a new filing with SEC – can be a quarterly or annual report, or maybe some special announcement – so you’ll be the first to know!
    For support or feedback, contact us: kabzara@hotmail.com

  2. Looks nice, just bought it. Had a hard time finding it in Marketplace yesterday, which seems to be a common problem in WP7. That’s great there are 5,000 apps, but what’s the point if most of them are crap?

    Hopefully over time, the ratings system will sort things out. Also would be nice to search for apps only and not get songs and artists in the result.

    Thanks for the app tip!

  3. KCMatt – great to hear that, hope you’ll enjoy it.
    One tip regarding live tiles though: try to keep you cell battery as full as you can. When power level is low, WP7 will not deliver push notifications.

  4. Interesting kabzara, so Microsoft gets to see the percentage of our current battery state, but they can’t trust us with anything more than a dumb icon. Figures.

  5. @kabzara: In theory a live tile should be like a text message. The amount of data being pushed is miniscule. I’m surprise battery would matter at all since it’s not pulling data- data gets puch and like a text and it appears.

  6. Thanks Kabzara, used it all day today and will be posting my five star review to the marketplace soon!

    One question so far… how often does the live tile update?

  7. Currently, the tile is updated approximately once every 10 minutes (assuming the push notification server is cooperating – as I said above, sometimes it refuses to update the tile). To avoid overloading the phone, we didn’t want to make it more frequent. On future updates, we might provide settings to control that.

  8. Please add 3 figure after decimal point. ie stock that is .215 rounds off as .22
    I have alot of stocks valued at under a dollar.
    This is my sole app for stocks on wp7, paid for and using live tile.

  9. Alex, the problem here is that we don’t have lot of space, especially on the live tile.
    A solution for penny stocks might be omitting the zero similar to your suggestion – instead of 0.22 say .215. We’ll definitely consider this.

  10. Stock Alert makes it to our top 5 stocks app for Windows Phone 7 at #3, good job! See the review here.

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