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StockAlert Live! For WP7 Displays 6 Stocks On A Live Tile

I gave up on stocks a while ago (got burned way too many times) but if you’re into the markets then having 6 stocks on a tile (for quick glance and go capabilities) is probably pretty ideal. And that’s what StockAlert Live! offers. Remember, the way that WP7 pushes updates to live tiles they won’t be real time quotes – they’ll likely update every few minutes though so this is not for professional trading purposes but if you’re generally watching stock movements it’s still pretty good.

StockAlert Live! lets you quickly and easily track your stock quotes. Up to 6 stock details can be displayed on a live tile. In addition, you can see news updates about tracked companies, and receive live tile notifications whenever a company that you track files with SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange commissions).

There’s a free trial or you can buy it for $.99.