Reading the description of this app might make you think you just found something better than sliced bread.


Everyone is telling you to "STOP TEXTING"! Laws are popping up every day that are regulating texting on a cell phone! Parents are telling their children to stop spending so much time texting! Doctors are even finding that constant texting is causing many teenagers to have repetitive motion issues (carpal tunnel syndrome) with their hands, wrists and fingers!

Well, now you CAN stop!

The future has finally arrived! With all of this new technology, everyone has overlooked one of the simplest items and that is Voice Recognition!

This is one of the best voice recognition programs. You only need to play with it a few minutes, so it can understand your speech, and you are off and running. It only took me four different statements and it has not missed once since then. And I must tell you, you can hand your phone to someone else, and it will understand them. It’s so Cool!

It is so easy! You have to try it! You will never go back to manually typing your texts!

How It works:

Open the "STOP TEXTING" application.

1. Hit the "Start" button and your contact list will automatically show up.

2. Select the contact you wish to text.

3. Then you will be sent to the mike page.Here you will be able to also attach pictures.

4. Select the microphone; say your message, then press the "Send" button!

That’s it! Your Done…

Ya! Enjoy "Not Texting"! *No more typing

*So easy to use *Great for little kids that can’t type yet.

*Great for anyone that doesn’t like to type.

*Just great all the way around.


But after you take a look at the screenshots, guess what. It’s nothing more than a launcher for the Messaging/TellMe feature included in “every Windows Phone”. You can accomplish the same thing by tapping the Messaging tile or app name. And of course, there is no trial. So the Developer, CACL, wants you to lay down $1.49 for absolutely nothing. Buyer beware. Not going to give you a link for this piece of nonsense. I know it’s not malware, or violating any copyrights, but it is still ripping off those who are naive enough to purchase it. Hope someone, as a public service, purchases the app and gives it the review it deserves.


UPDATE: I see it now has a 5 star rating, of course with no comment. May have to spend the $1.49 to set things straight.

UPDATE2: Ok, so it looks like there is a Paid and a FREE (ad supported) version of this app. Both do the same thing and I can confirm it does what I suspected. Nothing.


  1. I was going to put up a warning on the I’m A WP7 forums, but it looks like Stop Texting is no longer live; I can’t find it.

  2. I don’t understand you guys. I downloaded this app and found out that the mike in my phone was pretty darn good, and would not had known it if I had not downloaded this app.
    Even my friends that have the Microsoft phones didn’t even know it. We were all still using the key pad for our messages. I really would like to say thank you to this guy, or give a good review.
    But it seems I can’t say thanks, because it seems the guy took it down, doing a search I find you guys bashing it all over the place.
    Calling it a scam is going a little too far, I see nothing wrong with bringing the mike to every ones attention which was a good thing. Free or for sale, it doesn’t matter really, with the free download I really don’t think too many people bought it any way. Microsoft does have a great mike, and like the ad said, it only takes a few minutes and it can understand you.
    I think you guys are just upset because you didn’t come up with the app, or you are just bashing Microsoft apps and getting kick backs for doing so.
    Thanks alot!
    And if the developer that made this app reads this, thank you very much….

  3. Sorry Cathy, but I must humbly disagree. Some apps, like those that provide shortcuts to your WiFi or Bluetooth settings, clearly state that it is nothing more than a shortcut, saving you one extra click (Settings/WiFi vs. ClickShoftcut). This app on the other hand, made no reference to the fact that this feature already exists on every Windows Phone, and actually added clicks to make use of it. And if the dev had only offered an ad supported/free version, it would have still been a silly app, but I would have been a bit less critical. Even you must admit that paying $1.49 for nothing is not a good thing, especially when some really cool apps can be had for much less than that.

    You have offered up an interesting thought though. PowerUsers simply assume that everyone knows about all the features built-in to Windows Phone, but you know what happens when you ass u me. Our forums have all but died off, but maybe a weekly “Did You Know” column with some feature tidbits might provide some help for novice users. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. What are you talking about? I didn’t pay $1.49 for that app, it “was free”.
    But you must already know that, and I beat you downloaded the free app also. Or if not, I think you need to do more research before you bash so hard on something. Or do you always make a statement without all the facts. because it seems your only telling what you want to make a story/blog about, is it so you can get ratings?

    Repeat: Just in case you missed it, I got the app for free!!!!!
    There, now I think you said if it was free you would not had been so hard on the guy, will it was for free, again… Free!

    Instead of putting out a tidbit about features of the phone, why don’t you contact the developer and ask him to do a revision on the app to meet your standards! I beat the features would get known better that way, than yours!

    Us simple folk, only look for apps, we don’t have the time to read tidbits, we work for a living. We just use our market button to check out whats new. I wouldn’t have even known about this blog if I hadn’t wanted to write a review, and did a search and found you.

    You guys are something else, “you” should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Actually, the entire article, including the Updates were all based on facts. And, I will continue to contend that the paid version of this app was, in fact, a deceptive ripoff. The fact that the app is no longer available proves that point. Pulling the app was the developer’s choice.

    But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for writing.

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