The Surface RT 32GB was in 3 week delivery mode as soon it was launched for pre-orders two weeks back. And 32GB with Black Touch Cover and 64GB with Black Touch Cover were also back-ordered immediately after couple of days of pre-orders for Surface RT have been started at Microsoft Store Online. Now the Microsoft Store Online says both 32GB without Touch Cover and the white Touch Cover are out of stock as of this evening. Is it an indication of a positive sales, or Microsoft just made few 32 GB without Touch Cover and White Touch Cover available online? Some of the Microsoft’s stores (brick and mortar) received good response to Surface RT from the consumers. I have seen a good response here in the St. Louis Galleria Mall over the launch weekend. I hope the positive trend continues and more and more people buy Surface RT over the holidays. And of course both the Surface RT 32GB with black Touch Cover and Surface RT 64GB with black Touch Cover are available for immediate delivery it seems. I just made sure by adding them into cart and see whether there is any indication of delayed delivery, but I didn’t see anything for delayed delivery.


  1. If this is any indicator, it looks good for Microsoft reaching their goal of 3-5M sold by 12/31/12. Demand is a good thing, unless your the one trying to track down a Surface.

  2. Just got my surface today and I had the keyboard touch cover since Oct 26.

    ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT.

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