It blows my mind that Windows Mobile Juggernaut AT&T is asleep at the wheel with their release of the Fortress which is better known globally as the HTC Touch Pro II! I have spoken to countless AT&T Sales People who directly blame the launch of the iPhone 3Gs as the reason. I agree that you want to ride out the thunder produced by a new device launch prior to releasing your next device, but enough is enough already! Launch or announce the Touch Pro II! With prior device releases such as the 8125 (HTC Wizard), 8525 (HTC Hermes), 8925 Tilt (HTC TyTN II), and 4600 Fuze (HTC Touch Pro) AT&T has clearly dominated the US Carrier, Windows Mobile Distribution and should continue their dominance by beating T-Mobile to the punch with the TP2.  There is no question that the Touch Pro II will be Flagship WinMo Device for all US Carriers. So while T-Mobile will have presumably months of a head start on AT&T with the Touch Pro II, it makes me wonder if AT&T has completely sold out to the iPhone? Granted iPhone sales are absolutely massive compared to the WinMo Device niche AT&T has, but why squander that in favor of the iPhone when it’s really not necessary? Releasing the Touch Pro II at this point would not hurt AT&T’s iPhone sales, but keep them solidly entrenched as the US Windows Mobile Device Leader. So with more confirmation today of the T-Mobile Touch Pro II launch on August 12th, I wonder how many AT&T Customers will jump ship? T-Mobile, with 40 million subscribers is only half as big as AT&T’s 80 million subscribers, but does T-Mobile have an ace up their sleeve with their traditional high marks received from JD Powers that ranks US Cell Phone Carriers Customer Service?

Now, the last thing I intend here is to stir up another iPhone vs. Windows Mobile device debate, this is meant to be an AT&T vs. T-Mobile debate that leans more heavily toward rant than debate. So with more T-Mobile confirmation that August 12th is the release date, will you jump ship to T-Mobile? Let us know what you think!


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  1. Well I’m no apologist for AT&T, but if the delay is associated with making sure it works well on their system, I don’t mind. My Fuze still works the pants of any iPhone so I’m still on the bleeding edge where I like to be.

    Would it be too much to hope for that since the WM6.5 Theme for this phone has already been leaked, then maybe AT&T doesn’t want the hassles and expenses of doing the 6.5 update so they’re going to launch with 6.5?

  2. I have the price of the TP2. The local T-Mobile rep who will be the one demo-ing TP2 starting next week said the price will be $179.99 with 2 year contract and there will be no mail in rebate. As an aside the android My Touch will be $200. Also dissapointlingly T-Mobile 3G in our is again delayed until at least September. All these powerful phones without a high speed highway to drive on, how sad.

  3. Hmmm 179.99 is not bad at all. That just makes me even closer to jumping on it since my contract with Tmobile just expired this month. Awesome!!

  4. I left AT&T and my first gen iPhone. Oh and I love my TP2 TM has spoty 3g but where they do have service it runs faster than AT&T 3g!!!

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