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T-Mobile HTC HD2 Gets Unboxed

It is getting harder and harder to watch these videos of the HTC HD2. Yeah, we have already seen a lot of the HD2 already from our friends across the pond who always get the good stuff first. But if you are like me and hang your hat in the good ol’ USA, you know the following Video is makes the HTC HD2 get real for us and not just a dream. If you think I am excited about the HD2 from T-Mobile, then check out Scott over at who got his hands on one  and is having a hard time concealing his enthusiasm as well. (That’s why I point the camera away from my face there Scott! LOL) Anyway, Scott unboxed the T-Mobile HD2 for us and is a great video watch. Scott says a lot of words in the video but they all seem to get drowned out by the HUGE 4.3 WVGA screen is this snapdragon 1GHz Beastie.  So enough words from me, check out the video:

(via: WMPU)