Say whaaat? T-mobile’s CEO called out an entire industry today, essentially doing away with cell phone contracts, he even went as far as to say “stop the bullshit!” Now that’s what I’m talking about! Lets take the iPhone 5 for instance, its said to be available on T-Mobile’s network April 12th with AWS bands and HD voice, which would be a first for US carrires; but the interesting party is how the “no contract” model comes into play.

You’ll only be required to pay $99 up front, which makes the phone very affordable out the gate, so much so, the price is on par with low end smartphones offered by other carries. After your down payment, you’ll be required to pay $20 a month for the two years, which pretty much means you’ll be paying the unsubsidized price over time. And yes, the phone will be sold to you unlock from the very beginning. What make this work is T-Mobile’s super cheap pricing, with a strong $50 plan for everything, add the $20 for the device, and you’ll still be coming in almost $40 cheaper than most of the competition, wow!

But wait, there must be fine print! What happens when I no longer want to pay the $20 for the device? Do I have to give it back? hmmmmm. Also, what happens when I am already in contract? Do they give me a pass and allow me to be as awesome as I want to be? hmmmm.

Oh, lets not forget, rumored for May 3rd, T-mobile will be getting the Galaxy S4 for all to enjoy, and yes, it too will be $99 upfront. YES! Way to go T-Mobile!


  1. If it’s just $99 and no contract at all then assholes like me will buy them and never sign up for service.

    • I think T-Mobile has clarified that the phones remain locked until the full price is paid off. The big thing is that in my case I bought my last two Windows Phones a year apart. When WP8 came out I wanted the Lumia 920 bad but my early upgrade price was $350. Under T-Mobile’s new system I could’ve traded in my current phone and it would have costed me $120 to get the Lumia 920.

      Being able to trade in my phone every year and get a new model for $100 is not a bad deal at all.

      • “Trade in”?
        To who? T-Mobile?
        I think I missed that part.
        Could you explain that a little more so I don’t have to look it up myself? User perspective is usually more Real then reading contracts and fine print.

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