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HTC Showscases Its Advertising Chops Going BIG In France!

Say what you will about Microsoft’s own marketing and the lack of mentioning of any upcoming Windows Phone but Microsoft’s recent decision to invest heavily in the OEMs that have pledged additional support for the platform seems to be paying off.

For a few years I’ve long since held the belief that HTC was the second best OEM in advertising their products, Apple being number one.  The decision by Microsoft to pour tens of millions of dollars behind OEM created advertising is terrific and if we’re goiing off of the two examples below we have a lot of good times in store.

Think Big by HTC.  This ad is awesome because it involves something locally relevant, beautiful lighting and scenery and it fits the Titan’s most obvious draw.

The commercial appeals to how effective and fun the Radar can be in the hands of an artist which ads a coolness to the phone.  Definitely appeals to the masses.

I can’t wait to see more of this and just what the combined dough of Nokia and Microsoft brings to the table later this month.  Color me excited!


Source: WMPoweruser & creamhackered