johnstewartattvideoThis is so damn hilarious I could not stop laughing. It starts out a little slow but towards the middle you will be laughing your ass off! Jon Stewart like most of Hollywood and Media Types revel in their iPhone and never miss a chance to take a shot at AT&T’s less than stellar phone service. We have beat this horse to death (No Ramon did not got to the set of The Daily Show and smack Jon Stewart around) but what I mean is that we have discussed the call quality issue ad nauseam for years here at Mobility Digest. Basically what we have concluded is that AT&T does pretty well in most Big Cities except New York, where obviously Jon Stewart resides, and in the rural areas, where people like me live. Regardless, this video is hilarious and worth wasting 7 minutes of your life for. Enjoy!

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Verizon iPhone Announcement
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  1. Pretty funny. Even though ATT is pretty spotty in some of the areas that I live in, I don’t plan on switching anytime soon. However, I really hope ATT takes this seriously and get’s their network better and stronger than ever.

  2. You gotta understand that, like a lot of other important people, Jon Stewart is from New York where AT&T does nothing but suck so bad that I bet in these street interviews they didn’t have to interview too many AT&T subscribers to come up with a batch that hated AT&T.

    Same deal, I understand, in San Francisco.

    Except for whoever is still stranded on edge or is in their claimed 1% of not suffering from living or working in a dead zone — or spends much of their time in Manhattan or Frisco — and, arguable, especially those who own other AT&T phones than the iPhone, AT&T is quite possibly pretty good.

    But let’s say you’re Joe iPhone Owner who got interviewed by Daily Show people on the streets of midtown Manhattan, which would you rather have, an iPhone that can let you talk and surf at the same time and, in areas you go to once in a while, get significantly greater throughput than what you’d get anywhere with Verizon’s CDMA or would you rather get what I’ve seen to be consistently better than EDGE speeds, as in 550-850kbps, anywhere at any time including in the areas in which AT&T most especially struggles, it’s not a tough choice (other than some ETF pain). Not to mention their data plans woop AT&T’s.

    I read in a few places that at least one guy who analyzes things for a living is anticipating a 6.5m exodus of AT&T iPhone subscribers to Verizon. Sounds a little high to me but hey, we’ll see.

    As a Daily Show fan, and by the way I’ve gone to a taping which I recommend some of you do because it really is an experience, good thing this took place this week because there’s still a lot of too-soonness with the shooting which is still mostly dominating the news. Picking on AT&T, never gets old.

  3. I will not be one those 6.5m in exodus. I have a verizon work phone that barely works at all where I work and live. To use it in my office I have to go stand next to the window or go outside. My iPhone 4 works everywhere here, and I have still have not had one dropped call since it came out.. I guess it is very dependent on where you are, but I have never had a problem with ATT service, but then again I have never been to NY either.

  4. I find it ironic that Stewart called out the issue using the facetime calling. Doesn’t that require wifi, not the cell network? So in reality, it’s not the cell network that was slow it was the wifi connection? I guess it was a jailbroken iPhone so he was using the data connection for that facetime call. But not to worry, as soon as you switch to Verizon the data connection is much better, oh but wait, can’t use voice and data at the same time, so your still stuck with using wifi to make facetime calls, which means you choppy facetime call hasn’t gotten any better!

  5. I wouldn’t call it ironic, I’d call it technically inaccurate, not an oversight on the part of the writers and producers or whoever was involved with that bit, I also bet that like you at least 20% of iphone owners watching the thing knew that facetime was wifi, but because it was funny and apropos, it worked.

    Give them some credit this week for managing to keep their distance from ripping on anything related to the shooting. Lots of good material they could have had some fun with, from the crosshairs to this blood libel snafu, and the show and its audience aren’t exactly in love with the Tea Party movement, but they resisted and instead did iPhone and senior citizen STD bits.

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