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The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on the iPhone going to Verizon

johnstewartattvideoThis is so damn hilarious I could not stop laughing. It starts out a little slow but towards the middle you will be laughing your ass off! Jon Stewart like most of Hollywood and Media Types revel in their iPhone and never miss a chance to take a shot at AT&T’s less than stellar phone service. We have beat this horse to death (No Ramon did not got to the set of The Daily Show and smack Jon Stewart around) but what I mean is that we have discussed the call quality issue ad nauseam for years here at Mobility Digest. Basically what we have concluded is that AT&T does pretty well in most Big Cities except New York, where obviously Jon Stewart resides, and in the rural areas, where people like me live. Regardless, this video is hilarious and worth wasting 7 minutes of your life for. Enjoy!

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Verizon iPhone Announcement
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