imageI apologize in advance for making you watch any of The Ellen Degeneres Show. This is very spot on advertising though and I guess MS thinks that this is an audience that they need to hit since they dropped $10k for the winner but that’s relatively cheap for the amount of on air time they got. Oh and the 10 participants all get the phones to keep. They explicitly use the phones to find local landmarks (by using voice search which they demonstrate) and they take photos of them kissing someone with the Windows Phone. Pretty smart advertising actually because it shows the phones in use and of course, you get Ellen talking about it for a few minutes. Well here it is:


  1. Just go to the site (link in the article) and the video is on the front page.

    It’s a smart strategy by MS. Women don’t know anything about WP7 and all they hear is iphone. It’s pretty amazing what Apple and pro-Apple media have done. Geeks and early adopters know WP7 is good and I think WP7 will do great among them. It’s the women and non-geek crowd that need more awareness.

  2. Hey, in my Bing search there is NO microphone (in germany, but with english language) ?!?!
    Is this a US thing or do they have already the January UPDATE ???

  3. […] Mobilitydigest has posted the above video  of a competition on the Ellen DeGeneres featuring the Windows Phone. A group of ten contestants were chosen to find a Chicago landmark using Bing search on the provided WP7 devices and take a picture of them kissing a stranger under a mistletoe. The winner received $10k cash and they, together with the rest of the contestants, got to keep the WP7 devices. […]

  4. @nulldev2010
    “It’s the women and non-geek crowd that need more awareness.”

    Not mutually exclusive. :D But, in the looseness of generality, essentially true. iThings have been so heavily marketed for ‘ease of use’ it’s going to be really tough for MS to crack into that market.

  5. @538537: check and there’s a solution to use the mic outside of the US. It’s got to do with Bing local searches and if you change your location to the US it will work but I recall it screws something else up a little bit…if you go a page or two on you’ll see the article though (he’s Austrilian).

  6. @538537: if u have a htc phone voice search wont work outside of the US, coz htc has blocked it :( ive already tried with my mozart on to

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