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Android or Windows Phone, Which Do I Keep?

So I’ve got a decision to make. Android or Windows Phone? My AT&T contract is expiring within the next month or so and I have to make a decision. No it’s not going to be a phone with a piece of fruit on it, I will never own an iPhone. I’ve got both a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and an HTC Surround. I like both for different reasons, the main reason is the app selection I think. Sadly WP7 just doesn’t have all the same apps that Android does. I could wait and see as the same thing happened with Android and iPhone, the apps just weren’t there when Android came out. Time passed though and it’s come to a point where Android has a lot of great apps and games, some of which come out before they do on the iPhone. That right there tells me that Android has become a contender against the iPhone. I could hope that similar will happen with WP7 and that the apps will flow as it were, soon, but it doesn’t seem like it’s coming fast enough to me.

Right now I prefer the WP7 interface over Android, but I’m tired of swapping the sim back and forth between phones just to use an app or two. There’s a few other little gripes I have against both so those kind of even out, it’s just the apps that bother me. I can’t find the same things on WP7 as I can on Android. The apps I do use took a LONG time to get from iPhone to Android and if that’s any indication it’s going to be a long time before those apps hit WP7.

I got the WP7 phone to see how it worked, the interface and all of that and liked it and figured I’d get rid of the Captivate since I’ve got a couple Android tablets. Then time passed and I found couldn’t get the apps I wanted on WP7, and there was no idea as to when they would be released. I had the intention of just keeping the HTC Surround but I’m just not very happy right now. When it comes time to renew my contract and get a new phone, what do I do? What would you do? WP7 or Android?

Do you think WP7 is a contender against Android and iPhone yet? Or how long do you think it will be before we see a decent selection of apps for Wp7 like we do now for Android?

As far as WP7 and Xbox is concerned that’s just no issue at all for me as I’ve let my gold subscription expire and didn’t renew it. I’m sure the Xbox integration is now and is going to be a big part of the WP7 selling point, but that’s just not an issue for me anymore.

So part of my choice is keeping one of these phones now and then the next part is what do I get when I renew my contract? Considering I’ll be stuck with it for some time to come it’s a big decision I think.