The newly announced Windows Phone Samsung Focus S really is thin. In fact, the specs have it as 8.55mm. How does it compare it the current Focus? The current Focus is about 9.9mm. OK what about the king of design – the iPhone 4. That’s actually 9.3mm so the Focus S really is thin. I know we’re on the verge of a new iPhone but it seems like the Focus S is already lined up to compete in terms of size already. Well thickness at least. The Focus S rocks the iPhone in screen size at 4.3” but that’s an entirely different story.


  1. I don’t get it. Samsung knows how to make a thinner phone (Samsung GSII), why not make this a hair thinner? That’s a big deal, having the thinnest phone in the world with your thing on it.

    Or since Samsung is having an apparent MS fallout, why not team up with NEC who figured out how to make a 7.7mm phone?

    The idea here, or at least what we all collectively came up with, is to get the platform at least one phone that stands out, not below, everything else. Tip top of the line.

    But hey, 8.55mm’s pretty thin, congrats..

  2. I hope so, because there is a lot of heavy lifting to be done to finish that old platform launch. People write about the phone that’s the most X where X usually equals thin and GHz/cores etc regardless of the platform and a big chunk of people buy those phones regardless of the platform but in order to harness that effect you gotta get .. ahh you get the idea.

    I’m not saying 8.55 isn’t thin as hell and it sounds like if you get to buy it you’ll be quite happy with it, especially with those tiles and 500 features, not to mention whatever other good stuff it packs that your Focus doesn’t, but damnit David K I just want WP to destroy Android and the iPhone so bad…

  3. @Doug Simmons: Any Android fanboys ahve any idea what their CPU runs at.
    But I’ll entertain you. if they want to meet Android they need to increase:
    the amount of spyware
    the amount of spare batteries needed to get through the day
    the amount of times you need to reboot before lunch
    the amount of fragmentation

  4. David K: Tell me something I don’t know! It’s fabulous, WP, but like I said, putting it on the best phone, or a phone with at least one stunning hardware trait regardless of how superior the platform is is among the things that could help substantially. I thought we’ve been over this.

  5. @Doug Simmons: the iPhone 4 is running at 1ghz and 512 RAM. That’s clearly it’s greatest fault…if only the hardware had better specs they’d really corner the market.
    Go to engadget and read the comments from AT&T’s release this morning. You’ll see a solid trned about people bashing the few that ask for dual core chips and the majority shut them down about the actual speed of the device because of the OS, not just the CPU clock speed

  6. So to review, you say hey everyone new super thin wp announced, leg up on the soon to be previous generation iPhone, I say why didn’t they make it at least as thin as a Samsung phone from May and you go on about Android fragmentation and other bullshit.

  7. @Doug Simmons: I say the new WP7 device is thinner than an iPhone. You bring in Android (no, it’s not always about Android). I’ll remind you again that the number of OS install base isn’t necessarily the end all. The polish to the iPhone and the commodity that it is still demands respect and will continue to. It’s the yardstick to be compared to…not the Droid Extreme 3 Bionic S II+

  8. I’m leaning towards upgrading to the Titan. The only hesitation I have is how WVGA will look on a 4.7″ screen. But if the Samsung is really good, we’ll see.

  9. Please, everyone, lay off Simmons. (Did I just really say that?)

    He has a valid point. Lacking any other benchmarking, all the average phone-buyer has to use as a guide is the specs. And WP7 — with all of that amazing optimization and zippiness — will never grab mindshare as long as the specs aren’t grabbing eyeballs.

    “But Ike, Doug — everyone that touches a WP7 is blown away and impressed!”

    Yes, they are. Even Doug. But that’s not the point. You can’t wait for Word of Touch to get around, particularly when you have minimum wage kids at the Galleria Kiosk Sunglasses and Wireless Hut who know next to nothing about the phones they sell, and relying only on the little numbers before the MhZ and the GhZ. (Bonus points if you find one that knows what those numbers mean…)

  10. @Joe: Hey I said the same thing this morning! Great minds I suppose! I think at the end of the day HTC will win out. The Sammy screen looks awesome, but I have ever been a build quality fan first and HTC kicks Sammy’s ass.

  11. @Simmons, if samsung is “having a fallout” with MS, WTF is going to happen with them and android?

    Honestly, your fanboi’ism is embarking on handicap status now… You literally say some retarded shit from time to time. I mean, that’s cool an all if that’s your thing. But it MIGHT et passed off as “truth” at some point.

  12. @Doug Smith:

    True, I’ve never been a big fan of HTC’s designs, but their build quality is better. I like the idea of a 4.7″ screen, especially considering it’s so thin at 9.9mm. It’s CPU is also clocked to 1.5GHz as opposed to the 1.4GHz of the Samsung, based on published specs.

    But I had no idea that the Samsung Focus S was an astonishing 8.55mm thick. That is ridiculous. Truth is, I was looking forward to Nokia, and I still am if they have more than the Sea Ray. Nokia really needs to put out a great design with great specs. The Sea Ray is a great design, but specs are lacking compared to HTC and Samsung, at least with regards to screen and CPU.

    So for now, it’s between the Titan and the Focus S. I’ll have to get my hands on both before I make a decision though.

  13. Sean: I was thinking about WMPU reporting that according to the Samsung firmware guys, Samsung does not intend to make any WPs beyond 2012, also about how their focusing on Bada which, according to Gartner, the stat guys the WP crowd loves to quote with their famous 2015 projection, has overtaken Windows Phone in worldwide sales. Microsoft the year before between the two platforms had a solid 4.9%, and a year passes with that number turning to 1.6%, whereas with Bada at the same time it was 0.9%, now it’s 1.9%. Oh and that’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 combined.

    If you Google News Samsung Windows Phone, this is the first hit you get.

    Also, the consensus in your world is that Motorola will drive other OEMs from Android. By the same logic, Nokia will drive OEMs from Windows Phone.

    So kind of piling all that together, also Microsoft’s litigiousness being kind of a character flaw to some, also they’re close with Apple now and Apple’s breaking Samsung’s balls, I guess I just sort of mixed in all my “fanboi’ism” (would you, at least in that case, spell it with a Y and not look quite as stupid?), and that’s why I said what I did. I’m just so deluded that looking back it still seems like a fair statement in this discussion.

    Sean sometimes I get reckless, but I think what I said, given these considerations, was not irresponsible on my part to those who might misinterpret anything I come up with as truth or whatever it is you’re saying. Also, I’m handicapable.

    Returning to the topic, right Ike, Microsoft doing whatever it takes to get, if only briefly, this platform onto a serious headturner of a phone, that would be helpful. I’m not saying the fruity tiles are underpowered, rather I’m saying that if the Samsung GSII had been a WP device instead of Android, that it would have made a decent contribution to your market share and your general momentum.

    Instead you’re on ehh top-shelf phones still, which by the way still don’t include LTE, and while that may be good enough for you guys (I’m living on EDGE myself), if you want your guys to sell some damn phones, smarten up and don’t get offended if I say something that because you’re so neurotic about phone brands you get offended and reconsider whether or not I may have made a valid point.

    Sean, I love you like a brother, but you’re a douchebag. Not your finest hour.

    Ike, thanks. I hope you didn’t spend too much blogging capital right there.

    By the way guys you don’t have to have significant market share, you already have your Focus, you might one day own the Focus S, you’ve got plenty of apps, plenty of developers, you’ve got blogs, you’ve got not one but two different Tangos (one of which could boost your share by spreading WP to low-end phones, the other to hold you over until you get your Skype) why can’t you just deal with being a fringe platform user?

    Accusing me of fanboi’ism like that Sean after I had offered a solid point, handicapping myself and your taking concern that someone might actually believe my crap and be hurt as a result or whatever, all because of your consumer elitism and how you’ve stapled your self esteem to it, probably the kind of guy that flipped out over Molly the CNET chick who didn’t say the right thing either, you’re not being helpful to WP. What you’re doing is illustrating what’s being seen by more levelheaded types as WP consumer enthusiast morale and group cohesion imploding, and when I see that here, it doesn’t make me want to be more helpful.

    Maybe you’re convinced I’m not capable of being helpful, but consider the chance that because you can’t keep your shit together over a fucking telephone of all things, because you can’t maintain enough composure in the face of a cell phone chit chat to hear what other people are saying without getting so angry that you forget key words in the few sentences of their comment, consider that you’re setting and portraying this example of how you and your people operate to others who would have otherwise wanted to attempt to be helpful, minus all that fanboi’ism you can’t stand.

    Fanboi’ism — who says that. Don’t be that guy Sean. Please, God please, please don’t take this personally, Shauna, but I’m giving you a thumbs down. Get your shit together, this is mobilitydigest.

  14. “If you Google News Samsung Windows Phone, this is the first hit you get.”

    With all due respect Doug, that is nothing more than a rumor that originated from a site called SamFirmware that has very little credibility. There is absolutely no evidence to back that claim up. None whatsoever. Samsung certainly hasn’t made any statements.

    I suspect that since that rumor is BS, considering they’re going to want to release Windows 8 tablets, ultrabooks, and laptops. How would Microsoft react if they did that, especially with regard to Windows 8? Not very kindly I can assure you.

  15. You know what Joe, don’t answer that, who cares if Samsung does or does not give a shit any longer about WP beyond a couple phones they have in the closet. The point I chimed in here to make is that so long as Microsoft has no interest in stamping WP onto their own SGSII, their own top dog phone that is regarded as such, well, guess all we have left to do is argue with each other whether Gartner includes both WinMo and WinPho in that 1.6% stat which is below their Bada figure.

    Which sucks, because they’re Koreans and Microsoft is American. And I own some shares.

  16. @Doug Simmons: You do understand that your use of Bada is straight up Fox News, right? Bada is an OS that’s really a feature phone OS and not a smartphone OS but it all gets blurred. The same way that Symbian is still the number one OS in use. Yes, your Android is not the most used OS – it leads in current sales but not in usage. Here:
    I think even you would agree that comparing an OS like Android to Symbian is misplaced because Symbians sale figures come on the backs of phones that we would call feature phones and are a lot more like a Razr than an iPhone. Bada is the same and while it’s easy to distort facts it’s times for you to move past your analogy…

  17. Feature phone platform, huh. The first Bada phone had more or less the same specs as the Focus if not better. One they announced last month has a 1.4GHz processor. And just like Windows Phone, whenever Microsoft gets around to releasing Tango I should say, it can run on low-end devices. And the Gartner data identifies that higher number of Bada as belonging to the smartphone category.

    Symbian is #1 in any category, including would-be Tango candidates? Hey if you were Nokia, would you be digging in your heels pretty hard on not dumping your platforms, really digging in as hard as you can, for WP? Would you have changed your tune?

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