The New And Improved Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death. Well it is improved. It actually gives you some error details and is less DOS like:


Yeah they’re beta bits for sure. We can’t wait for the full review Patrick.


  1. Good ‘ol blue screen of death lol. Had fun, and learn alot from trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Took me hourse, but was definetly worth it.

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  3. I’ve been using Windows for 10 years, and have never experienced a BSOD, not one. I have had explorer crash on a couple of occasions, but it usually resets itself in about 10 seconds. Only ever experienced IE crash on two occasions, while Firefox crashes four or five times a day because of flash, java, shockwave, or stupid plugins.

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  19. I’m filing this under “It’s about frakking time”…all the brainpower in Redmond, and it took 15 years to come up with this…this is User Friendly 101.

    The error codes are in the logs, and the techs know where to get them.

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