Yesterday I wrote an article questioning Microsoft’s valuing of the end user.  Today during the MIX11 keynote by Joe Belfiore a metric ton of new features were unveiled for the platform.  With the new APIs and UI enhancements one would have to be hard pressed to find fault in the commitment the Windows Phone team is making to the platform.  There is a difference between Microsoft’s iceberg approach to product launch and the Windows Phone team’s ability to get things done.  Unfortunately people blame the wrong people when hiccups happen.  Today is a day to rejoice and acknowledge that Windows Phone should be a worthy member of the Big Three smartphone players whenever Mango is released.  Here’s a quick rundown of a few notable enhancements to look forward to followed by an excellent video Channel9 did with Joe Belfiore demoing some new features.  You’ll really want to pay attention to it all, its that good.


  • Launchers and Choosers-Allows the user to launch different apps and perform other functions without having to leave the app first. (seen in video demo)
  • Multiple Live Tiles for the same app
  • 1,500 new APIs (I just love that huge number, something tells me the marketplace is about to explode in the fall)
  • Socket support (Skype announced for the fall)
  • Games Hub (clears the debris away when searching or games only)
  • Multiple Search Layers (you can search the phone for apps or games specifically then be presented with the option to search the Marketplace too.
  • many, more including ringtone support!
  • Joe Belfiore rocks the Mango Demo with Channel9.

Thanks to Channel9 for the video.


  1. ring tone support is an update. I swear i love microsoft but i can’t help but want to slap someone every time this is brought up….

  2. the demos in that video kinda make a large portion of the arguments that people have had about WP7 fairly moot.

    Quick point: I may not like Nokia phones but after seeing this, I’m curious to see what they can do.

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