imageSharing videos is an absolutely basic function for a smartphone, one that even Windows Mobile easily handled. In Windows Phones, Mango introduced the ability to upload videos to SkyDrive and Facebook but that was it. When I saw the feature list for the official Windows Phone Vimeo I was excited to see “Easily upload your footage in HD” so I had to try it out and…fail. The only videos that you can upload are those that you take within the app. So you need to launch the app, capture video within the app and those videos can then be shared. Other apps do the same trick by using your local storage and not \videos because Microsoft still restricts access to that folder.

This is somewhat unbelievable to me. Not only has this limitation restricted uploading to Vimeo, YouTube and anywhere else, but that limitation is also the reason there cannot be video editing software for Windows Phones. The workaround that Vimeo uses is novel but truthfully impractical. If you swapping between pictures and videos you shouldn’t need to launch an app to make that switch.

I’m done here…finish my rant in the comments if your stomach can handle it


  1. I agree it’s a fail and see no reason for thing to be as they are, but video sharing is definitely not “absolutely basic function for a smartphone”. If it was, I’d see a lot of peoples videos on FB, and i have not seen a single one.

  2. Ah, thought I was missing something. Yup hopefully they’ll open this one up in Tango/Apollo. Its holding the OS back.

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