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Do You Want To Make Your Own Windows Phone 7 App?

David is apparently doing some real work this morning but he shot me a heads up on a new DIY Application Maker for Windows Phone 7 that looks pretty cool for anyone that ever wanted to make an app, but has no idea about such things as XNA or Silverlight. 

This DIY AppMakr, which is still in development  currently will only allow you to make some apps revolving around Facebook, Twitter, and RSS Feeds but there is a lot of future development in the works. The App developer says that Flickr and YouTube are things he would like to include in the near future. Check out the video below for more information and I included a link to the developer so you can stay up to speed on AppMakr for Windows Phone 7.

For More Click here:

Thanks Saijo over at 1800PocketPC

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