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And so the Windows Phone 7 handsets emerge with the LG Panther.

The leakage looks to have officially begun with these LG sets being pushed out to developers.  Credit to for bringing this to our, and in turn, your attentions.  These pictures are coming out of a developer in Singapore.  They haven’t really said much we don’t know as of now, however they did say it was still very much a prototype.  Apparently the phone is receiving OS updates almost every other day to iron out the remaining kinks.  The OS is not suffering from any roughness in the speed/responsiveness department and they claim the animations are pretty awesome too.  There are a few more pictures in quasi-unboxing however they’re saying that these will most likely change before shipping to consumers.  They say they’re using a special version of the Zune syncing software that hasn’t been shown around yet.  If you want to check out more pics then hit up the source info here.  This is probably going to be the beginning of a lot more information about the OS as more finalized versions continue hitting these handsets.  Is everyone digging this handset’s aesthetic design choices?  Let us know what you think.