The TouchXperience project for Windows Phones continues to march forward and here’s the latest video showing off the UI. It utilizes the panoramic views to create subfolders (each being its own page if you wanted) and you can have folders on any page as well. You can even toggle from a list view to an icon view (that matches the WP7 tile UI). Just watch the first 30 seconds of this video to get a feel for it (or keep going to see how customizable it is).

A few great things are going on here. The ability to make folders and organize files is of course a huge win. The ability to customize views is great as well. I can have settings, apps, shortcuts…all living in harmony without cluttering my home screen.

So when will this app hit Marketplace? Never. It violates a lot of the terms of use currently, like the ability to call other apps to open. For now though it’s something Microsoft should look at and learn from. There is demand for this and clearly there are third party developers that are doing this so MS should either do something similar in-house or just look to hire Julien Schapman who has proven to be a talented and dedicated WP7 developer. Either way, it’s time to push the platform forward. I don’t want to wait two years for folders to come to WP7. As it stands now I have to think about downloading more apps because it makes the never ending lists longer to flick through.


  1. While it’s a nice app, there is a reason why the WP7 UI is so SIMPLE and why WP7 is so great at doing basic tasks. This app makes the phone look more like android. Both android & iPhone in my opinion have over complicated UIs, so i will say I prefer the standard WP7 UI.

  2. Should buy the platform that suits you in the first place. WP7 was never intended to be a tweakers phone so really maybe android is more suited for some.

  3. Although this will no doubt be usefull to some, it’s also obvious that some people do things just to prove/show they can do it.

  4. Does any one like the inability to have folders? That’s my big gripe beyond anything. I need to take my kids stuff and move it to one place and the garbage I rarely use and put it somewhere else. Then I can get through everything a lot quicker.

  5. This is some Windows Mobile stuff right there. Thanks, but no thanks. If I want a modern Windows Mobile experience (in any way), I’ll buy an Android handset.

  6. I have little interest in tweaking my phone. I like the simplicity. If I was 20 years old again, I’d probably prefer Android as I love tweaking and figuring things out, but I don’t have the time anymore. I have multiple PC’s that handle all the heavy lifting. I just want a phone with decent internet access for when I’m stuck in line somwhere or in a pinch. Just my opinion.

  7. The only thing it’s better than WP7 UI is folders. The rest looks more difficult than in standard UI and it’s not as fast.
    -> I prefer standard UI

  8. @Davidk: Maybe a couple of user-definable hubs would be nice. But, that just reminds me of WM and XP. I honestly don’t want to “think” about my phone, I just want to use it. Standard UI can use some improvements, but this isn’t it.

  9. There you go, user defined/customizable hubs is exactly what’s needed. Folders? not so much.
    Good job and all, but it would’a been great on WM.

  10. I have to agree with (apparently) most of you. I watch the video and I think “what a lot of wasted work”. If we really needed all those features, I’m sure we would have bought one of the many lovely Android devices.
    I do admit, that it’s an impressive piece of work – I just don’t need it.

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