imageNokia just posted a few full resolution photos taken with the Lumia 1020 and they’re amazing. I took an image of the EXIF for you but the photos are just over 8MB and comes in at 33,562,624 pixels.

Go to this link and go full screen on these images. Look at the sand on that baseball. Insane. Yes this is an SLR in your pocket. I’ve preordered. 


  1. No, this is not a SLR. SLR stands for “single lens reflex,” and is the name given to cameras that have utilize a prism in order to split the incoming light. To say that it is SLR quality is simply an exaggeration, but to say that it is an SLR is a complete fabrication.

  2. @jestib-we all know it isn’t a SLR and just a commentary on the quality of the photo.

    As for the photo they are really impressive. I am looking forward to seeing what I can produce with the camera and its features.

  3. What a pretentious ####!
    There will always be haters!
    Beautiful quality images indeed…

  4. I am guessing that my 3yr old device screen is not enough to show those pics in their full glory.
    It also took several seconds to load a photo, over WiFi, “high speed cable”
    So I have to wonder, how easy would it be to share photos? Will they be too big for MMS or E-mail?
    Do I have to send someone to a gallery in the cloud to view them?

  5. 2 images captured simultaneously, 39MP and 5MP, RAW and JPG. It’s my pocket sledgehammer!

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