Like it or not mobile platforms are judged by a ton of people based on how many apps and games get ported from iOS. Well Microsoft continues to check off items on that list with today’s release of Temple Run. The mega-successful endless platform game has scored millions of users on both Android and iOS.

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Honestly this feels like momentum is doubling up for the Windows Phone 8 platform. Maybe the increased competition for third place since the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform has gotten things moving at a quicker pace.

Temple Run is free and can be found here: Download

Source: WP Retail Insider on Twitter


  1. It’s here, it’s free, and all you really see on other sites are complaints.
    Sad f*ckin’ shame…

    • I’ve seen people ask for Temple Run 2 on the download page for Temple Run. I can understand people who just switched to Windows Phone and have played the game to death on iOS but Windows Phones users who haven’t played the game yet but still complaining is just dumb.

      If it is a good game and i’ve never played it then great. I’ll be at BUILD in June anxious awaiting to hear more good news about developer support for the platform. People don’t realize that middleware gaming engines are just now finishing up their SDK for Windows Phone 8. Once developers have the SDK the games will come faster.

  2. What’s to complain about? I know one boy that’s going to be happy. Now if Jetpack Joyride, and Mindcraft get on board my son will not have to carry around his ipod lol. He can use his Lumia 920 for everything he plays!!!

    Come on developers keep them coming!!! and buy some Microsoft stock while you are at it!!!

    • That’s all people do about WP lately… cry.
      TR is the 2 year old version, it’s not an xbox live title, I want instagram, etc.
      It’s really pathetic.

    • Wow. Dom you raise an interesting point. If I was a developer i’d definitely purchase stock and start putting great apps on the platform to drive adoption and make some nice coin in the market too. Too bad most devs are horrible business people.

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