Just checking what went live in the Windows Phone marketplace and there was a lot loaded. Ave comics loaded a few comic books today including Moby Dick. An app called fssi torrent7 is live that is a BitTorrent 7.1 (or newer) remote that lets you access your downloads from your phone among other things. And of course, Simply Farts, a fart piano is live. An interesting entry called Credit Card Terminal lets you accept credit card payments from your phone. It requires a $25/month fee though. Public Transit lets you find the best route to get between locations using public transportation and interesting it’s Google Transit on the backend (and free). Lyrics Now is a free database to display lyrics on your phone. Event Brite introduced Guest List to let you do on-site checkins for events. The tower defense style game CryoDefense is now available. And Vertigo released pdc10 that has scheduling and video for this year’s PDC10 conference. And the other day Match.com let their app go live as well. There’s actually a a lot more that went live but I think I’ve done enough for now. Not a bad day devs…


  1. The reason I asked this (twice) was not that I think there’s much of a demand for torrenting on a phone but to make a point that on the Android market, it’s a “yeah we’ve got that” kind of place where developers are allowed to let loose a bit into the gray areas, and if you had answered affirmitively, it would have been a good sign to me that Microsoft may not be copying Apple’s app store dogma and / or there are already enough developers to have had some misguided programming hours spent on such a thing.

    What you get from a torrent is clues as to who is out there and how to find them that has a certain file or set of files fully or partially downloaded and is willing to upload some of that to you under a social contract that you do the same for the next guy. Basically it’s a great way for someone to distribute something to a ton of people with only enough bandwidth to pump out a single upload of the file (like a Linux ISO). Incidentally, it’s also good for porn and piracy, and piracy of porn.

    Now if this torrent remote thing of yours manages to do the downloading which involves connecting, sometimes, to hundreds of different people at once, swapping data in many directions (takes a lot of juice to do that), and then once it’s grabbed the file it somehow transfers the file or files directly to your phone. That would be impressive if that’s the case as what I thought you described, those are a dime a dozen for any platform, being able to tell your computer to search a torrent site for every Seinfeld episode and then queue it up in your computer’s torrent client, letting you monitor the downloads you’ve got going, and that’s it.

    Too long / didn’t read? :P

  2. @Doug Simmons: Man you Android guys must only torrent with your phones…I presume it’s a feature WM could do – don’t know and I presume most people won’t know they’re missing this. The few that do are Android users because that’s where the old WM hacking community went (and I don’t mean hacking as in illegal). Anyway, my presumption is that if the Torrent is giving an mp3, jpg or mp4/wmp then you can download directly to the phone. If it’s going to give a series of rar files then no. I don’t know what you get from a torrent. WP7’s sandboxing does not provide for local storage unless it’s media essentially.

  3. I presume some torrenting could be accomplished by having a host computer that saves files to a Live folder or Dropbox and then you could get the files to your phone from there (again, as long as they fit one of the categories). Torrenting directly to the phone won’t work, but MS has made that pretty much a waste without multitasking because you’d need to leave your phone unused as it downloads large files…

  4. this is off topic but… did anybody save a pic of the gorgeous Zune HD render on zune.net the other day? MS replaced it with the surround now.

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