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Torrents, Comics and Farts All Came to WP7 Today

Just checking what went live in the Windows Phone marketplace and there was a lot loaded. Ave comics loaded a few comic books today including Moby Dick. An app called fssi torrent7 is live that is a BitTorrent 7.1 (or newer) remote that lets you access your downloads from your phone among other things. And of course, Simply Farts, a fart piano is live. An interesting entry called Credit Card Terminal lets you accept credit card payments from your phone. It requires a $25/month fee though. Public Transit lets you find the best route to get between locations using public transportation and interesting it’s Google Transit on the backend (and free). Lyrics Now is a free database to display lyrics on your phone. Event Brite introduced Guest List to let you do on-site checkins for events. The tower defense style game CryoDefense is now available. And Vertigo released pdc10 that has scheduling and video for this year’s PDC10 conference. And the other day let their app go live as well. There’s actually a a lot more that went live but I think I’ve done enough for now. Not a bad day devs…