is a tech ‘tv’ site. It’s filled with video and podcasts of some of the top tech guys shooting the shit about what’s going in in tech and they cover all types of products so you can pick your favorite tech-celeb (whatup Paul Thurrott) and choose the platform of your choice and there’s plenty of general news too (28 shows to choose from). So you can watch the video stream and I’m telling you – rock solid streaming. There’s also podcasts and from the comments it sounds like you can pause a video and then resume the audio at the same point. Anyway, since a lot of you out there are into figured I’d point this out. By the way, it’s free and it does not let you watch the live stream at this point. it does show off how smooth WP7 can stream and the beauty of panoramas.


  1. Downloaded this yesterday with mixed results. Some feeds worked fine, some audio only, and a couple, nada. 3G was 2-3 bars, but even tried WiFi with no joy. Error said to check my connection. But what I could view, I liked.

  2. @jimski: I tried one video and it was pixel perfect. I was over 3G at the time. They should use Smooth Streaming so it lets low quality connections wor and then when you get a better connection it can increase the quality in real time. Not sure why it’s not being implemented as often as it should be…

  3. Just tried the first four on the highlights list (using 3G):
    – iPad Today – Audio – No / Video – No
    – Windows Weekly – Audio – Yes / Video No (2 tries)
    – Giz Wiz 0 – Audio – Tried but stuck buffering / Video – Yes
    – Tech News Today – Audio – Yes / Video – Yes

    So some work, but not all the time. By contrast, using the same settings and with 1-3 bars, I have not lost a connection with; YouTube, Red Bull TV (some pauses for buffering) and Videos (the best video app BTW). So not sure if its me, but I will keep trying. As I said, I like it when I can use it.

    “We could not connect to the media, please try again later and check your network connection.”

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