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Talking Rapper (with over 2m users) available for Windows Phones

It’s free and I’ll let the description speak for itself:

FINALLY ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE COMES “TALKING RAPPER,” THE FUNNIEST, HIPPEST RAPPER YOU’VE EVER SEEN! ★★★★ Over 2.000.000 users! ★★★★ TALKING RAPPER has achieved the No. 1 spot "overall" and "entertainment category" in UK, France and Spain, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Tunisia, Colombia, and other! Talking Rapper has also been placed in the Top 10 in Entertainment in the USA, Japan, Canada, Italy, Brazil and Australia! Thank you! TALKING RAPPER has been placed in the Top in Entertainment in the USA, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, Brazil and Australia. ★ ★ ★TALKING RAPPER does much more than just talks. Instead of only responding to touch or simply repeating what he hears, you can do much more with this cool guy: play with a beatbox – complete with tons of hot beats and jamming’ sounds, scratch the record, paint graffiti on the wall! ★ ★ ★ Discover all the possibilities of “TALKING RAPPER” and learn just what it takes to be a successful rap artist. ★ ★ ★ WHAT FANS ARE SAYING ★ ★ ★ + “I love the beatbox! It’s a great addition and I can spend hours and hours making beats.” + “Painting graffiti has never been my thing, but I’m slowly picking it up.” ★ ★ ★

WHAT YOU CAN DISCOVER WITH TALKING RAPPER! ★ ★ ★ * Talk to him and he’ll repeat what you say. * Discover all his movements. * Have him play a real beatbox. * Scratch the record. * Paint graffiti and send it to your friends. AND MORE… TWO HIGH-QUALITY INSTRUMENTS TALKING RAPPER includes two fun musical instruments typical of the rap scene. 1. Enjoy your very own BEATBOX. Have fun crafting your own beats or adjust the rhythms ones already included. Combine them however you’d like! 2. SCRATCH the record to your favorite song!

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