If you are looking for a gift to give the Apple iPhone 4 owner in your family or circle of friends, then the TypeTop Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Case  might be for you. It is a little less expensive than some of the others we have been writing about and costs £29.95 or $40 dollars US.  

It comes with a handy flip-out stand at the back (perfect for train journeys), screen protectors come included in the package and the keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery. Once charged you should get around 100 hours of use from the keyboard, so not too much fiddling about.

The iPhone 4 keyboard case is available from Mobile Fun so head on over there to purchase or for more information.


Integrated mini Bluetooth keyboard and case

The TypeTop Bluetooth mini keyboard case is the latest iPhone innovation. By combining a tough koskin flip case with a full QWERTY keyboard, you can turn your iPhone 4 into a mobile office and multimedia powerhouse, all while protecting it from scratches and minor impacts. The case has an integrated stand for holding it at a convenient angle for typing or watching movies, which is secured to the back of the case by a magnet when not in use. It also features a magnetic fastener, so opening and closing the case is a breeze.

Ultra-portable full-QWERTY keyboard

At only 11.4cm across, and weighing just 45g, this Bluetooth keyboard is truly the go-anywhere alternative to the iPhone’s native on-screen keyboard. With all the keys you’d expect, and some you wouldn’t, the mini Bluetooth multimedia keyboard transforms data entry on your iPhone into a fluid, even enjoyable experience.

Built-in rechargeable battery

This keyboard features a built-in rechargeable battery, which is charged over USB using the supplied cable. When fully charged, the keyboard’s battery lasts for over 100 hours of use, so you don’t need to constantly be plugging it in between emails.

Dedicated multimedia hotkeys

Taking advantage of the new Bluetooth keyboard compatibility features of iOS 4, this keyboard has a range of dedicated multimedia controls to make watching movies and listening to music simple. There are also other function-specific keys which expand the abilities of your iPhone 4 even further.

Made for iPhone 4

Designed specifically for use with the iPhone 4, the case offers a perfect fit with cutouts for all the ports, buttons and camera. In addition, the keyboard works flawlessly with all versions of iOS 4, including the latest update.


  1. The presenter didn’t try too hard to dressup for the video but did do an excellent job of describing the features of the keyboard and case. Almost makes me want an iPhone. OK, maybe not.

  2. Looks nice just wonder how well the keys feels, pairing, and how long the battery last. Also would the keys scratch the screen in any way. Does look like a nice device and will consider purchasing if the price is right. Another reason why iPhone > Android. More games, more apps, more accessories (docks, radios such Bose and iLIVE, , car stereo controls, bluetooth, external chargers, musical instrument accesories such as Amplitube or Midi, medical accerssories, etc), more developers, highest resolution, no 50mb limit on appstore, etc.

  3. This sounds pretty cool, convenient, and handy. It kind of makes me want one… but not really. Only because I doubt I would ever use something like that. I mean on my phone, I’m not trying to write papers, articles, or anything for that matter that is really time consuming or important. I would go to my computer for that. I don’t know… I’m sure there are people who would use it religiously. All in all, it’s still a pretty cool gadget.

  4. Lovely piece of kit, I just brought one, but I must be being a bit stupid… Can’t figure out how to pair it, anyone know how? Like I said, think it’s just me being stupid, but any feedback would be appreciated.

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