With a large percentage of Windows Phone users coming from a Window Mobile background, one of the seeming absent features in their new devices is the ability to backup their phone. Obviously calendar/contacts/mail/etc are all backed up on the cloud, but in terms of apps, settings, and everything else, you’re out of luck. Fortunately, it was announced Friday on the official Windows Phone podcast that the upcoming update will support backup and restore points via the Zune client. With the late announcement, we can only hope that more ‘secrets’ are set for the first update.

While we still don’t have an official date, we can nearly confirm that the update will be available some time in February.



  1. I would listen to this audio to make sure you are not just re-hashing what someone said in a forum that someone tweeted about then someone blogged about. What they said was that Zune will backup your phone when it does an update in case you need to revert back to your phone’s state prior to the upgrade. It sounds like that copy prior to your update will remain in case you need to restore back. They said nothing to the affect that you will be able to backup your phone anytime you want only that the Zune software does this automatically when you go to update your phone.

    Basically the last question on the podcast around 34m 5s – they detail a user question on WP7 backups.

    The software will make a complete backup of your phone to your PC prior to updating to the new OS version. Importantly

  2. Thanks for the clarification notapest. That makes a bit more sense. You can use the backup to restore “previous state”, but not to overlay an update. My understanding was that these updates would be like MS monthly PC updates, not affecting any existing settings. And something like Mango, later this year would be more like a Service Pack update, where some things might need to be reset. The backup would be more to protect a user who didn’t follow instructions or had a power outage in the middle of an update session. Oh well, guess we will all find out soon enough. Not sure if I want to be first though.

  3. Why isn’t this story posted in the Windows Phone section? I’d hate to miss Windows Phone news, but I don’t generally read the front page. Thanks.

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