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Towers Of Hanoi – The WM 6.5 Edition

Man with all of this Towers of Hanoi WP7 talk you might forget that it’s a game that we can play on WM 6.x 🙂 Herm’s Software just released their version of the game and it’s got a bunch of small features that make it stand out. First off, the discs have a number on them so you don’t need to try to figure out which disc is the largest (which often happens in other versions). You can also start on any level and if you realize that you are lost on a board you can simply shake the phone to restart. On top of this the game keeps track of your best results and you can see both the time and number of moves it took you to do any level. It supports all of the standard screen resolutions and I know people always have HD2 compatibility issues so I can assure you it wors fine on the HD2. You can download this for just $.99 from Herm’s Software.