Anyone see the 2nd generation Windows Phones from Verizon and Sprint? What about a large scale release of Windows Phones from T-Mobile? (You know, more than one device) Anyone else have flashbacks to when Windows Phones were first released? Deja vu and until Microsoft can get manufacturers and carriers in line to release phones on a widespread basis then they lose mindshare, market share and credibility. Advertise all you want, but if the only phone you have on the largest carrier is a year old it’s a hard sale.

I know, after the holidays the Nokia devices will hit, etc, etc. It so eerily reminds me of the 1st en Windows Phone launch it’s scary…And to remind you the HTC Trophy hit Verizon on May 26, 2011 and the Nokia talks focus around CES 2012 (starts January 10) so again we’re after the holidays and that’s an announcement date, not release date.

Ok I’m being too hard. Let’s see if by Windows Phone 8 this changes…

For now, color me frustrated.


  1. DK, it will be a while, if we will see when carriers have mass amounts of different Windows phone. You must remember, when they were sleeing phones Window type phones, MS shitted on carriers and customers with crappy phones for so long that they are not willing to take another chance at this time. The carriers were selling old MS phones when MS stopped supporting the product. Would you go back in invest million/billions on them at this time? MS had there oportunity to own the smartphone world but they blew it like a two dollar whore. Not updating phones with new easier interface until it was too late, always waiting on the next big thing (Mango, Nokia, Windows 8, etc.), and just not understanding the mobile environment has slowed MS for a long time to come.It seems they have no set direction and deliverying proucts that have very good alternatives.  More developers are now getting onboard, when compared to BB, but it has been two years and MS had made very little headway.

    • Well, that is no excuse from the carriers, if they are not really in bed with competitors. Verizon is clearly in bed with Moto and Google for the moment and Sprint has issues that need to be resolved. Remember Verizon’s VP at one time said they don’t need a 4th platform and when they already had 3 (Android, iOS and BB). And majority of the users clearly understood that came from the leadership of Verizon because of their “in bed” status with Google and Moto.

  2. I’m thinking of starting web “petitions” for both Sprint & VZW.  I want to see if I can get WP fans to leave the carriers if they do not start to stock more WIndows Phones.

    I’m even thinking of supporting it with ads to help pay for users’ early termination fees.

    What do you think? Would it gain any traction?

    • The one thing carriers take advantage of is customer loyalty not to the company but to the coverage.  I think the carriers make sure not to provide great coverage everywhere just for the sake of dividing up customer base.

      Petitions would be a start though.

      • Well then it should be easy prying people away from Sprint if its about coverage.  Sprint customers are more about price. So many old SERO plans out there on the cheap.

        But honestly, if I startup (don’t click it. it doesn’t exist) asking for a commitment from people to cancel by the start of Q2 2012 if Sprint doesn’t up their model count of WP skus, do you think it could collect 10K, 20k names?

        Could I count on you guys for coverage?

  3. Thanks Jesse, a STRANGE thing happened. Management firbod us from developing any WP7 apps, but our company issued phones are almost 4 banger calculators.All of a sudden, now that the phones are basically FREE, management has decided that we ALL need Windows Phones, and we’re going gung ho in the app business(well, it will take a bit of time, but ).You don’t know how happy we are to be moving from dumb phones to the smart ones. BTW, we’re already with AT&T, so we can just switch out the phones, keep the current plan, but sign up for a data plan.Thanks!!!

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