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Verizon and Sprint Again A No Show For The Latest Windows Phones

Anyone see the 2nd generation Windows Phones from Verizon and Sprint? What about a large scale release of Windows Phones from T-Mobile? (You know, more than one device) Anyone else have flashbacks to when Windows Phones were first released? Deja vu and until Microsoft can get manufacturers and carriers in line to release phones on a widespread basis then they lose mindshare, market share and credibility. Advertise all you want, but if the only phone you have on the largest carrier is a year old it’s a hard sale.

I know, after the holidays the Nokia devices will hit, etc, etc. It so eerily reminds me of the 1st en Windows Phone launch it’s scary…And to remind you the HTC Trophy hit Verizon on May 26, 2011 and the Nokia talks focus around CES 2012 (starts January 10) so again we’re after the holidays and that’s an announcement date, not release date.

Ok I’m being too hard. Let’s see if by Windows Phone 8 this changes…

For now, color me frustrated.