There is no question the the Samsung Galaxy S devices are red hot and getting lots of attention by the US Carriers. If you are looking at jumping to Verizon, or you already are a Verizon customer and want a great phone for an amazing deal, head on over to right now and take advantage of the Fascinate that is priced at just $9.99 for a limited time with 2 year contract. Here is the email I got and the link to take advantage of the special pricing:

Nope, that’s not a typo.
Wirefly has demolished its price on the Samsung Fascinate to $9.99 for new Verizon Wireless customers (for first 2 phones) and $29.99 for additional lines.
This a limited-time deal, so act fast to steal this phone for $90  less than you’d shell out at other online retailers or real-word stores.

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  1. @Kristofer Brozio:
    Woah, calm down bro. Rant city up in here.
    One of my favorite webcomic artists told me that he basically makes $.50 per user over the course of like 10 years. I bought a sketch from him for $5. He was like “This covers the Ad-Block use for the next 100 years”

    You shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of people use Adblock…
    It is a tech website. It’s typically tech savvy people who come here.
    Most of those people know about Ad-Block, whether they use it or not.

    You seriously need to chill your heels, dude.

    @Doug Smith:

    I would appreciate deals for things that don’t require a new contract. I like it when you have posts about sales for accessories, and things like that.

  2. Thanks for the tip and all but do you happen to know of an adblock filter I can add to block out these hot deals articles?

  3. I have always felt that they were a value to our readers. A lot of our readers are conditioned to purchase devices straight from the Carrier for higher prices. Since I am on a budget myself, I always try to keep everyone updated on deals. Second, I only pass along hot selling devices or late breaking new devices. You will never see carrier paid advertisements in our writing. We are not affiliated with, paid by, or have anything to do with Wirelfy other than that they typically have some pretty sweet deals. They are the only ones that a Sprint customer could get an EVO from.

    If this is the general consensus from our readers, I am happy to discontinue them. Sound off if you like or don’t like the occasional good deal article from us.

  4. Ad block? It’s people like you that cause sites to actually charge for content. There’s all this free information out there, all the work that goes into putting it out there and you want site owners to do it all for free?! There’s hosting fees, there’s bandwidth fees, there’s fees to pay employees etc..

    Besides all of that actually, a post like this is NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT…do you see some referral link in there? He was posting it as information for someone who might want to purchase the phone.

    I don’t own this site, my fried does, but if I was him I would ban those that use ad block. Where do you people think the money comes from to run a site? If it wasn’t for ads, the sites wouldn’t be there, then what?

    If I was the owner I would tell you that if you don’t like it, then just don’t come back. Doug is a nice guy, he wouldn’t ever say that, I on the other hand would because I’m not a nice guy when it comes to people who try to take money from my pocket that goes to run the sites and help feed my family and pay my bills.

  5. Thanks for the feedback Max. I understand that a lot of websites have incredibly irritating ads placed everywhere and I absolutely HATE mouse over ads. I won’t have them here. I personally think that our website maximises the ads we have and does not interrupt the reader. There are no ads in the middle of article content like a lot of other websites have. I can also tell you all the websites that have advertising companies like Adsense are feeling the pain of the economy. That said, we all just need to work together to keep the website going. If you all could help us out with turning off ad blocker when you come here, it would be much appreciated. If you don’t then that is your decision. The money that we do have coming in goes immediately right back out. As a matter of fact, Mobility Digest traffic is needing a dedicated server. Those are not cheap and right now, unsustainable in our budget. Thankfully we have a great web host that has helped me out tremendously.There is an ad at the bottom of that page, but it is a free ad that I do for them as thanks. Jim, the “server guy” goes WAY beyond the call of duty.

    I agree also with let’s all just Chill and discuss devices.

  6. I would never use Ad-Block, but I do have my own ad block strategy. If I visit a site and am overwhelmed with ads, i simply NEVER GO BACK. Regardless of how important or pertinent the information may be, I look for another way to acquire it. While “0” ads might be everyone’s desire, the reality is that ads are a necessary evil to make sites like Mobility Digest possible. It’s really a pretty easy concept to undersatand.

    I find the phone deals that are posted to be informative. I don’t have time to visit a dozen mobility sites every day, so if I don’t see it here, i don’t see it. That’s how I got a Tilt 2 from AT&T for $0.01 last month. They were sold out in less than 24 hours. Keep doing what you are doing Doug. Mobility Digest is a model for other sites to follow.

  7. Doug, you keep doing what your doing. You and your site rocks! K.B. you go for yours my friend. Its great how a smart ass can jump on a comment and say something stupid. Yet when they get whats coming to them in a reply its all “whoa chill out dude” How about this, instead of spending time smart assing off on a GOOD site, hit that cute little red “x” at the top of your screen and this site will never bother you again.

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