I’m about a week into using my HD7 and I have to say I’m loving the experience.  Yes, it’s not perfect, and I wish the OS was more refined, but this is to be expected from any new product.  The potential and ease of use far outweigh any issues I have with the device so far. 

Recently I wrote about how the sound in video/audio playback from the external speaker leaves much to be desired, now I have discovered a new problem pertaining to sound: games.  My problem is not with the sound itself, but with the fact that sound from games is still enabled when the phone is on vibrate.  On Symbian, iOS and even feature phones, when I place my phone on silent/vibrate it automatically mutes all sounds emanating from games.  The fact that Windows Phone doesn’t do this is very irritating especially when I want to play games in quiet environments.  The only way I have found thus far to work around this is to launch the game and then lower/disable sound in game.  But this is both inconvenient and not very effective as any theme music will be blaring until I get the sound under control, and when I want sound again, I need to re-enable it from within the game.  I hope Microsoft fixes this as well as the video/audio sound reduction in their next update.


  1. Not a problem but a feature. Just like in winmo you could toggle system volume and ringer volume separately. Doubt they’ll change this and I hope they don’t. More control is always better.

  2. i agree with the writter. i experienced this the first day i got my phone and found it a bit odd. so now i’ve turned off all sounds in every game i play. which isn’t exactly the best approach in my opinion. It should be like the desktop, you perform a master mute, it stops everything, not just OS.

    • yes you could lover the volume via the rocker but this takes substantially longer than just pressing the mute button since i usually keep it at 30. Then when i want sound again, I need to click it all the way back up to 30. This pretty much defeats the purpose of the quick mute button for me. If Microsoft wants to keep system volume separate from ringer volume I think they should at least give an option for enabling system wide muting via the vibrate key.

  3. Add if you do reduce the volume then watch out for the alarm I learnt that today the hard way. I was playing a game last night and my alarms was merely audible. I know it takes a while to increase the volume… it only does to your max volume you have se.

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