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Get Ready For April Fools’ With Virtuality

imageHerm’s Software has another free release for you to add to its arsenal of Windows Phone apps (which includes Paper Toss that’s ranker 11th overall in the Marketplace (before the inexplicable MS shuffle that now places it as #2 overall)). It contains virtual items for playing around with and is a nice release in anticipation of April Fool’s’ Day. To be clear, the app is 100% free and ad supported but if you want to remove the ads it’s $1 but there’s no change in the app otherwise. Anyway, here’s the complete description:

This application is a collection of four virtual items that can be used for playing pranks or for personal amusement.
Items are Clippers, Lighter, Shaver and a Chainsaw.
Hair Clippers: Realistic clippers that can be used to trick someone into thinking that they are getting a haircut. Flip the switch On and tilt the phone to start cutting.
Lighter: You never know when someone might ask you for a light. Flick the lighter to open/close then flick the wheel to light it, you can also tilt the phone to move the flame.
Shaver: Similar to the hair clippers but for shaving your face/legs/back, anything that needs to be shaved without getting razor burn.
Chainsaw: Works great to scare someone or to protect yourself with its realistic sounds. Shake the phone to start/stop and tilt for the cutting sounds.
Note: Please use wisely, some people may not react well to getting their hair clipped, and we cannot be held liable for any black eyes or broken equipment. Have Fun !!!
Free Full Featured AdSupported version with an option to buy to get rid of the ads.

It’s available now in Entertainment. I’ve tried it myself and it’s exactly as advertised so give it a go.