After Neowin reported pictures of what is believed to be AccuWeather’s Windows 8 tablet application I did something crazy. I read the comments and that lead to this link on AccuWeather’s website that lets you install their Windows Slate application. Neowin speculates that this is a Windows 8 application. It is Silverlight out of browser that installs to your programs and it does note it’s for demonstration only. AccuWeather describes it as follows:

AccuWeather for Windows® Slate – Preview

AccuWeather for Windows Slate is updated every hour with forecasts for the next 24 hours, and forecasts and information for the next 10 days. It also includes user friendly features such as social media sharing, animated radar and satellite, interactive Bing maps, and panoramic views. This application makes it easy to plan your daily activities and make future plans around the weather, on the go, with your Windows® Slate!

So is this just a Slate app with a Metro feel or really a Windows 8 app? Not sure but either way it is a Windows 8 experience. Let’s take a look at it on a 23” touchscreen. And yes, it’s an HP TouchSmart and the touch sensitivity on this screen makes you wish it were resistive to save you trouble but that’s a separate matter altogether:

Give it a go yourself. It does work with your mouse if you don’t have a touchscreen and you can get a sense as to what full screen Metro apps look and feel like in any event.





  1. Nice weather app, the UI makes it really easy and effortless to navigate. How someone can look at this and the Fandango Win 7 Slate app and not get excited for the coming Windows 8 experience is beyond me. I’m not meant to understand everything but personally, i’m stoked.

    I’m looking forward to BUILD this upcoming week and for the absolute flood of leaked apps over the next several months.

  2. Looks good on my iPhone too. Wait, I think Simmons has been messing with me again, I just noticed that I no longer live in the United States, or anywhere for that matter! LOL

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