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Larger Sized iPhone 6 Will Need Widgets or Live Tiles

Earlier today I spent some time writing about the rumor mill regarding the iPhone 6 supposedly coming in the September time frame. It looks promising that we will see 4.7 inch screen as well as a “phablet” version 5.5 inch screen. This is all good and I totally dig the larger screen idea. There is a problem though Houston and it has to do with the hot mess the home screen is going to look like with a “gazillion” give or take icons. Simply put there is going to be way too much screen real estate to littler up with standard size icons. So far there has been little or no speculation that after iOS 7.0 launched that much more is coming our way. So what is Apple going to do to make better use of the space? That’s a pretty good question isn’t it? Of course if the device were jailbroken there is no telling how many developers will be making the Android style widgets or even the intuitive Windows Phone style Live Tiles. I think out of all the solutions regarding user interface Microsoft has done the best job.

Apple is really left in a bad spot if you ask me. First Steve Jobs takes center stage and advocates against larger screen smartphones and resists the concept all the way to his passing. He simply felt the device should fit in one hand and be able to be used with one hand. The market thinks other wise and Tim Cook is left in between a rock and hard place. He has already started laying the ground work with the iPhone 5 going to a taller 4 inch screen that is the same width as the 3.5 inch screen. Of course in true Apple fashion we have now just suffered through and iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release that have the same screen. Apple choosing to update the processor and camera and dazzle consumers with iOS 7. There is no more between device releases left for Apple and now they will simply have to release the larger screen size.

Even though Apple brought a lot of freshness to iOS 7 the still did little with the overall user experience and look of the OS. There are still the majority of the same size icons that are static and basically just a very difficult to see clock app that has the correct time on it. We want more from you Apple and we are paying a premium for you to deliver it. The UI needs to be feature rich and the home screen should be a one stop shop for everything you need to know. Yes you borrowed some concepts of the notifications from Android and took some heat over it but we still applauded the change. But now however I want to know how you are going to resolve the major real estate development challenges that await you in the larger screen devices.

If I had to guess it would be some kind of a mix between live folders and widgets. The widgets are a long shot but I think some sort of Live Tile or folder would greatly benefit the real estate potential. So here’s the question and maybe some of you will weigh in on it. What would you like to see Apple do with the increased real state on the iPhone 6? Check out the concept images of the larger rumored iPhone 6 and let us know what you think Apple should do.

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