We waste spend a lot of time talking about how great our devices are around here. We tend to not focus as much on which is the worst. Let’s do a simple and unscientific poll here. Your next phone will be either Android, iPhone 4 or Windows Phone 7. Most of you tend to be in the Android or WP7 camp but what camp are you definitely not in? In other words, someone hands you a fancy new iPhone – do you dare touch the forbidden fruit?

Why is this relevant? For all the shit I give to the iPhone, I’d take it over Android. It’s a much better marketplace with a lot more quality apps, great specs on the phone and you get a good out of the box experience and I think in the end Android reminds me too much of Windows Mobile 6.5 with it’s lack of a UI, apps that aren’t top notch and too much mandatory tweaking (I know it’s fun but it gets old).

Anyway, let’s take a poll to get a sense as to what you don’t like. And feel free to shout out as to why. Maybe you distrust the manufacturer, think the OS is half baked…shout it out

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Oh and assume the hardware is similar across the board and yes, I left Blackberry out cause no one wants that;)


  1. “We waste spend a lot of time talking about how great our devices are around here. We tend to not focus as much on which is the worst.” i wouldnt say that… http://mobilitydigest.com/pantech-breeze-ii-camera/ no clue what possessed that article.

    btw windows phone 7 is the least of what i want on my phone. no google, bing everywhere. and an incredibly dull interface that dazzles everyone by animations alone. and no more posting windows phone 7 apps or ill have to delete you from my feed aggregator. :P

  2. @The Jack of Clubs: I re-read that artcile and I think it does have alot of merit. I would agree that 90% of our reader base would never consider that device, but it is a current device (at the time) for AT&T and the mention of that camera and what we are getting on our high dollar devices is intersting. I asked Kristofer to do some of these reviews to add contrast between all the high end devices we discuss and the bottom end mobile devices. My hope was that people new to smartphones and Mobility Digest could get a better understanding on how much better the hardware is on the top end smartphones like the Droid Incredible with the 8 megapixel camera or even my HD2 with dual led flash. Maybe I missed that mark and this would be a good talking point for a different discussion.

  3. Hate to judge before it’s even released But I think I have to agree with Jack of Clubs for now. I may be old fashioned, but there is nothing in Windows Mobile 7 that attracts me at this point and several things that don’t. I could probably tolerate the other two (android probably a bit more than iPhone), but that’s why I just got a matching pair of Tilt2’s so I don’t have to make any decisions for a year or so. Let the phone wars begin.

  4. I have remained on the sidelines of the Windows vs Google vs iPhone discussions. But, now I feel is an appropriate time to chime in…

    Of the three devices, iPhone is by far the worst. Although it may have apps and apps and more apps, most of them are one trick ponies and fairly useless. I would rather have 2,000 more useful apps than millions of stupid ones that just take up place in the marketplace. Having said that, I also feel that iPhone is more of a device for (forgive the video game term) noobs. It is for those who want to have their brains controlled by Steve Jobbs… Steve Jobbs Mini-Me if you will. Let us not forget about the wars between Apple and Adobe… At this point, iPhone 4 still cannot do Flash (the leading web plugin for the last 20 years) simply because Steve Jobbs is a proprietary A-hole!!! BTW, I am a Flash web developer… So, Apple is really geared towards keeping control of its customers and keeping them strictly to an experience they create. And to boot, I think Apple fanboys are absolutely retarded. Keep fighting for a company that still only has 15% of the computing market… Dumb asses! This video says it all (typical apple fan)… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg&feature=channel

    Windows and Google are exponentially more tweak-able. Although the UIs may be a bit wonky and the performance may not be up to that of the iPhone’s stability, I still feel they are better devices. Let us not forget who has been in the smartphone world for 15 years now… The creators of it all, Microsoft. Although I love Google, I will always support Microsoft products over anything. Apple has basically stolen all of their success except for iPod… So, why trust them. Google thinks they are kings of the world, and I hate arrogance in corporations. So, Microsoft is the best company… They let Apple and Google talk as much smack as they want and hardly ever retaliate. Why? Microsoft has class, and they know no matter what that they will remain on top. Although WP7 has not really gone in the direction I thought it would, it will still be my next device. And, you have to believe since they got Windows 7 right (finally), that maybe WP7 will be bound by the same standards. A bit long for my first rant…

  5. I love wm 6.5 but my next phone will be the BB Torch has touchscreen plus slideout keyboard the best of both worlds. I can not stand Google and do not trust them I put them in the same league as Apple. BlackBerry is soon beat them.

  6. Had a hands on with iOs the other day, Ho Hum, Playing with Froyo on an axim, looks like a nice OS, love WM 6.5.xx, like the look of WP7, hesitant because of the limited access and apps, will also negate all of the WinMo software I’ve purchased over the years. Dote on my HD2 :) avoid all fruit

  7. David K, your second paragraph describes exactly the reason I went from my Fuze (with energy ROM and android on the sim) to the unholy iPhone. Plus anything that I really would want to tweak can be done in a jailbroken environment which is not much different than flashing roms for windows or rooting for android. I still hesitate to pull out the phone in public cause I don’t want to be seen with an apple device but I definitely spend 3 or 4 times as much time on this phone than I did the Fuze.

  8. I have to agree that after years of flashing WM phones and trolling the web for new tweaks, I have become tired of the whole deal. WP7 looks rather blah to me so far. Android is interesting and alot of their phones look beautiful. I always told myself that I would never get an iphone. BUT when I upgraded my girlfriend’s iphone 3g to the 4g; I decided to jail break her 3g and carry it around for a week. I gotta say that although I feel like a complete douche when I pull it out of my pocket, it works pretty well. It’s nice not having to soft-reset multiple times a day or flash the latest ROM every other week. The only thing I miss so far is being able to use my fuze as a thumbdrive on any computer. That stupid iphone is gonna make it real hard to make my upgrade decision in a few months. I hate myself so much right now.

  9. im still waiting on the dell streak. i feel bad for leaving htc but a 5″ phone is a beautiful thing. now if only att and dell would stop toying with our hearts and release the damn thing.

  10. @Dick Starbuck:

    Thumb drive-like access is a jailbreak away :)
    1. http://www.jailbreakme.com
    2. in Cydia add apt.dmytro.me to your sources
    3. browse to apt.dmytro and install USB Drive
    4. Open USB Drive
    5. select Drive Only
    6. create a new drive (don’t use too much space)
    7. Close
    8. Reboot


  11. I will sooner carry a sack of fertilizer than an iAnything. Stevo- your ego is far too big for the value you have brought to the world.

  12. WM6.x over Droid, BB, Palm, or Iphone OS. I’ve been a WiMo guy for years and years and can’t imagine not being able to hyper tune my device to exactly as I want it. Side note: As AT&T is my carrier I am getting increasingly disgusted with the big guys changing data rate plans. It doesn’t do much good investing in the latest and greatest when they want you spend big $$ to own a PPC. I’m still trucking along with my old Cingular 8525 (after several ROM flashes) and paying $10/mo. for unlimited data. $25 for 2 gb ain’t cuttin’ it for me.

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