Internally we have been talking about our current devices and plans. Many of us have  moved on to more current devices while some of us have still been holding back with hopes for something better. I own a few old devices. The most current device I own is the HTC Fuze, I actually own three of these, but that does not make me any happier. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there still using their old devices whether it be the first gen iPhone, G1, Tilt or like me, the Touch Pro/Fuze. So what do you have in your pocket? Why do you still have it? Are you holding off till you can upgrade? Do you actually like it? I will tell you right now that I have been dying for an upgrade and can’t wait to ditch my brick for some Windows Phone goodness.

(By the way, for those who remember the review on the Mini Bluetooth keyboard, I just wrote this entire post with it. Works great in my opinion.)


  1. Great post Norcal Colby. I was JUST talking about this VERY TOPIC with my husband. All three of us (wife, hubby, child) are on AT&T’s family plan. However, teenager’s phone screen was dented and the entire phone is now obsolete. Her contract isn’t up until July 2011. We are eligible for upgrading discounts in February. This leaves her without a cellular communication device for a number of months. So, we visited several stores, even used stores. The verdict was in. Buy a 20 dollar, no bells and whistles, no internet cell phone and insert old cell sim card–wait until Feb and upgrade at that time. I, on the other hand, have an i-Phone…I guess its the 3rd model. Dumped it in the toilet after 2 weeks brand new. AT&T’s only response? We do not cover water damage and therefore you must continue paying on your contract even though the phone doesn’t work. OR, if you want a working phone, you can purchase a new i-Phone to replace your old one for $200. So, $200 and 5 minutes later, I had all of my contacts in place and pictures as well and walked out with a working phone. Called hubby to complain and thought, well at least mine works and its as if it never happened. Well, that is, if you don’t think about the minus 2h. I think I might miss T-Mobile. Just a tinge. Anyone have an old i-Phone they want to sell us for teenager? Thanks, Tarra

  2. HTC FUZE. (5th device) All my Fuze’s had the exact same problem. Lower part of the screen flickering and image burn in. Frustrating. Ended up just sticking with the 5th faulty replacement because I didn’t want to “upgrade” to the pro2 which had the same exact processor and memory or any other phone without a keyboard. I also didn’t want the new Fuze they offered me because I was just fed up with the phone and the one I had got great GPS lock. Already had several spare batteries and covers for the fuze. I decided to wait for WP. Leaning toward the Focus but not happy about it.

  3. I still have the good ol’ fuze. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I hated it when I first got it because I had the tilt and loved it, then I accidentally smashed the frickin screen and att sent me this ugly paper weight. It didn’t even fit in my hand comfortably, but with time and the patience of the fuze mobility and xda families, i’ve come to love this paper weight. I haven’t upgraded because I still like it; its functionability(if thats even a word), flashing possibilities, mods, apps ect. and easy usage and most of all I’m too damned cheap to upgrade; so unless HTC or Samsung or some damn body comes up with the new hotness I’m gonna stick with this puppy til it dies or it gets broken and att sends me something else.

  4. Still on a Fuze. Waiting for WP7 release. May lean towards the LG w/ keyboard, may lean towards the Samsung. Waiting to see what comes of each. They both have promising features.

  5. Glad to see that I am not the only one sporting the the Fuze I like to call my “brick” haha. Yes, I definately agree that mods and the fuzemobility/xda community has made my Fuze experience much more enjoyable. I personally am leaning towards the Samsung Focus. This is mainly due to the fact that I fall. No… I don’t have a walking issue, I go longboarding and snowboarding. I like to keep my phone on me at all times and hate the thought of leaving it at home. So the less physical/moving parts the better. With the new BT keyboard I recieved in the mail yesterday, I feel like if I am at home I will not be bothered by the lack of the keyboard that much. I will probaly just make a landscape stand for my phone and type using the BT keyboard. I will be upgrading as close to the Nov. 8th date as possible.

    @Caleb, I have had the issues you mentioned in all of my three Fuzes (hand me downs, not replacements). Lower screen flicker and image burn. I have one phone with a really bad GPS. One of the touchscreens just stopped working. I agree, the TP2 would have annoyed me considering the that it has the same chipset.

  6. Have my AT&T Tilt 2, it isn’t even a year old yet…. Modified it to my liking and is running as good as ever. The keyboard is second to none. I have to have the hard keyboard. Waiting for HTC to come out with a phone like the TILT 2 with the WP7 specs that works on AT&T..I have gone throught the 8125, the original Tilt, the Fuze and now Tilt 2… I am looking forward to using WP7 but not until they come out with the Tilt 3(if there ever is one) on AT&T.

  7. The keyboard on my Fuze was gunked up…somewhere between constantly hammering on it (typing and games) and letting my son play with it, it just wasn’t the same any more. Then the HD2 came to TMo for $300 so I have that guy on AT&T (without 3G) and I can tolerate for another…let’s say month. Then it’s the Focus all the way.
    BTW there’s supposed to be a new official TMo HD2 ROM out shortly – I badly need it. Sense messaging is painful on the current official ROM. Really scary that the software is always faulty and this is HTC’s layer because MS screwed up the UI so badly…

  8. I’m still rocking my Fuze too. :) I’ve never had screen or keyboard issues with it, except for that little bit of separation in the upper left corner of the lower pad portion.
    I’ll handle the Focus when it comes out and see what I think then. I’d like a keyboard, but the LG just isn’t doing it for me. I don’t know that the Surround is anything I’d want, either, although I’d be tempted to stay with HTC for familiarity’s sake.
    I just handled and Evo a couple of hours ago. Geeeze that thing’s big. If this is the size of the Focus and Surround, I may not be able to hold them comfortably. (I have small hands.) The Fuze is *perfect*, unfortunately!

  9. im stuck in between WM 6.5 and WP7, thats why i have an HTC aria for the time being. i had the LG incite (if the incite is any indication of LG’s smartphone quality, run away from the quantum NOW!) fuze, the tilt2, the captivate for a day, and now im on my aria. i get the feeling im the only one who wants the HTC surround.. but i know i will be glad to ditch android though and get a phone with some gaming skillz!

  10. Still rocking the Fuze as well. Could upgrade in the summer but was waiting for WP7 to see what’s up. Rest of the family can upgrade a few days before christmas so it looks like it’ll be a cel phone holiday for us. ATT lifer and can’t wait 6 months for new phones so someone tell me what the advantages are for the Focus over the Surround. I’m just starting to do my research.

  11. I am also part of the Fuze anonymous user All kidding aside I don’t even want to take it out to show anyone the OS anymore. Of course that will change when I am rocking the Samsung Focus. The HTC Surround is second now that it seems it will have at least 16GB onboard memory. However, I still like the Super AMOLED and the svelte design of the Focus. If the HTC had a 4in screen, then the choice would be harder. The Fuze has become more bearable with the XDA Energy ROM, I am currently using the Cookie 2.0 version and it seems to have banished a lot of nagging issues, but I am done with Windows Mobile except when I need a temp phone for proximity to water.

  12. I’m still using my Fuze too. Thanks to the XDA forums I’ve flashed some really fantastic roms that have kept the phone fresh and usable. Unfortunately I’ve had some problems with the hardware over the years (headphone dongle never worked right despite being extra-paranoid-careful about it, and the clear part at the bottom just started peeling back).

    I find the Focus on at&t the most appealing but I’m still not sure it’s something I want. I like gaming and WP7’s Xbox Live integration is nice but I have a feeling it’ll all just be pointy-swipy games instead of the ones I’m actually looking forward to. I also appreciate a physical keyboard.

    So even though my upgrade is available I’m holding off until I learn more about the Sony phone (not very high hopes) and even the Ocosmos ultra portable pc (I read somewhere that at&t was actually mentioned). It’s large for a phone but I’d get the freedom I’m used to with WinMo 6.5 back… and then some.

  13. My Fuze served me well for a little over 18 months (no issues) but my tired eyes needed a bigger screen so a Tilt2 was the answer. Just the right size screen and feel from my perspective, and it does everything I need a phone/PDA to do.

    No discounted upgrade in the near future for me but I may look into an HTC Surround anyway, just so I can get a feel for WP and play around with the new apps (Jim likes apps). Not a gamer, don’t buy music online, resisting the Cloud for my personal data, and I am one of the few billion people who still don’t have a Facebook account, so the new platform’s appeal is not quite there for me but I am still curious. My last three phones, and a couple PDA’s, came from HTC so I am sticking with them. Very solid build.

  14. My family and me own an army of old phones, the newest is actually my (almost) 2 years old Touch HD. And to stop all the complains, I have promised them new WP7 phones when they hit the Danish market. As we are getting 5 phones, I think we will buy more than one model. The kids definetely want a HTC model, but I think, I will get the LG Optimus or the Samsung Omnia.

  15. This was my first post a Mobility Digest writer. Glad to see everyone had something to say/share. I hope all of those still stuck with the Fuze (unless you actually are enjoying yours.. haha) take a taste of the new devices coming out.

  16. My Fuze has been relegated to sitting on my desk with no SIM card. I use it over wifi for crossword puzzles. New personal phone is Samsung Captivate. New work phone is iPhone 4. The two are practically interchangeable in terms of getting work done. I tend to carry the iPhone, because the Captivate is a little large for a pocket. iPhone is better for Exchange mail and calendar. Captivate is better for video, e.g., Slingbox TV to the large AMOLED screen. No crashes or problems with the iPhone. Captivate is a little buggy with known problems with GPS and file system lag. iPhone does a better job of obtaining and holding a 3G signal, and is also faster connecting to wifi.

  17. HD2 and Taylor… Still feel like the HD2 is old, even though the biggest and best phones are essentially the same (Evo 4G, Desire HD, HD7…)

  18. I still have an HTC Fuze, and i am dyyyyying for something new…i bought this phone late in the htc fuze selling lifetime out of desperate need for a new phone at that exact time, now im stuck in contract until april….i need something new bad

  19. Still using the HTC Fuze. I bought the phone at full price and that is the main reason i have not upgraded. But i am just dying to ditch this phone and move on to something newer. If it wasn’t for NRG’s roms keeping the phone alive these last few years, i honeslty dont know what I would have done!!

  20. @Brad: I am in total agreement, NRG’s roms have kept me from ditching this phone many times. I can’t imagine still running 6.1 (or even 6.5) on the phone.

  21. Wife and I still using Fuzes. Actually bought her one for cheap earlier this year to hold us over til WP7. Saw the Dell Lightning and knew it was worth it. Saw AT&T had managed to botch it’s WP7 selection up and lost a little of that high…

  22. I’m still using my free (well, there was a $36 activation fee) Fuze and it’s still providing unlimited internet via WMWifiRouter. Still running original firmware with Mobile Matt’s Fuzeberry theme and a set of better color top bar icons, but I’ll admit a certain disappointment in not having the option of upgrading to an HD2 with a 4.3″ screen for any sort of reasonable cost. (The Telstra models are just way too expensive for me to justify just to have a larger screen, curse you AT&T!)

    I guess I’ll stick with my Fuze until an opportunity to acquire something that provides as much, but with a larger screen, comes along.

  23. I still have a Fuze, but im upgrading to the Samsung Focus. 2 bad the HD7 is going to tmobile. I would have loved that on AT&T.

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