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What’s in your pocket?

Internally we have been talking about our current devices and plans. Many of us have  moved on to more current devices while some of us have still been holding back with hopes for something better. I own a few old devices. The most current device I own is the HTC Fuze, I actually own three of these, but that does not make me any happier. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there still using their old devices whether it be the first gen iPhone, G1, Tilt or like me, the Touch Pro/Fuze. So what do you have in your pocket? Why do you still have it? Are you holding off till you can upgrade? Do you actually like it? I will tell you right now that I have been dying for an upgrade and can’t wait to ditch my brick for some Windows Phone goodness.

(By the way, for those who remember the review on the Mini Bluetooth keyboard, I just wrote this entire post with it. Works great in my opinion.)