Every few months we hear (again) that Microsoft has aligned their code base and made it so easy for devs to write cross platform that any Windows 8 – Windows Phone dev will just be jumping at the opportunity to write for the platforms. And then that doesn’t actually work out because there’s still no APIs across the board. Again we’re hearing that Microsoft is getting closer to unifying it’s code base to make it even easier to write once but as of today – I’m app-less. Windows 8 still doesn’t have a lot of the huge apps that are on other mobile platforms. And when an app comes out for Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 that doesn’t guaranty that it comes to the other.

They need to get serious, have Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone on the same base code with the ability to write-once and run anywhere. And they need to get me my damn apps. Don’t tell me aps are over-rated. They are and the web is a gap filler but it doesn’t fill all gaps.

Aahh rant over.


  1. I totally agree. Like I wrote before, having the best phone or tablet is great, but having the best phone tablets without all the best apps is not so great!!! A good example of what Dave K is talking about is Jetpack Joyride. It’s on the Surface and PC but can not get it on Windows Phone. I don’t play many games or use social media so it’s not to bad for me. But my son has a Lumia 920 also carries his IPOD to play the games he craves for LOL

  2. I’ve really gotten to the point that I don’t blink an eye when Microsoft announces anything. They still insist on hyping up their products but fail miserably to live up to it. The company is still too large and they have not focused on the core experiences.

    How do you not release a cross device killer app for the Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? That’s pathetic. It was almost two years ago they showed a demo of shared code for games and how it would work. Sorry but i’m really close to giving a very public vote of no confidence in Microsoft.

  3. David
    Why don’t you just shuddup! Cross-Platform shit dream is living since the days of C and Unix. Then Sun thought they could do it with Java, but what they gave the world is another way of screwing around but no WORA. Who in the right mind would think Microsoft could do it. But just wait until Windows Blue comes out. If it does at least a half of what it promised, I think Microsoft is successful.

  4. I don’t really get it. The most important crossplatform stuff for developers are actually working “perfectly” right now. Visual Studio can be used for all MS development, the .NET languages are the same for MS development and many of the same .NET API’s are the same.
    My guess is that games like Wordament was a piece of cake to make for all 3 platforms. And probably a lot harder to do on iOS.

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